Terrain and Neglected Models: June 2019 Community Painting Challenge

Be’Lakor. Neglected for more than a decade. Finished in 2019.

For June I was originally planning to run a challenge for minor heroes – basically Sergeants, Medics, unit champions and the like – the sort of models that get overlooked in favour of the big cheeses in the context of painting challenges… but. Next month will be Jewel of July, and that should more than suffice for those hero models – even the more minor ones.

Instead, I’m going back to the Neglected Model well, along with another “Dual-Mode” month with the the rather popular Terrain Challenge as the second category.

Morathi V.1. Neglected for more than a decade. Finished in 2019.

But what is a “Neglected Model Challenge“? Well, it’s as simple as it sounds – Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting awhile ago, but still sits unfinished. I suggest 6+ months, but that depends on what your backlog is like.

Extraordinarily Exciting Terrain that qualifies for June’s challenge.

The other half of this coming month’s challenge is terrain – both large and small. From huge, imposing structures to the least-interesting set of crates and barrels and everything in between. Dioramas are of course totally welcome as well, by their very nature.

Extraordinarily Exciting Terrain that qualifies for June’s challenge.

So if you’re keen for it, no need to sign up. Just pick a model that’s been neglected and during the month of February, make it into a completed model. If you’d like to be included in the wrap-up at the end of the month, it’s super helpful if you post a link in the comments section of THIS post, so everything is in one place when I go to stitch it all together. Because someone’s work always gets missed, at least initially!

And yes, I’m still behind in compiling the last two months’ community round-ups, but rest assured that they are coming. Unfortunately, sometimes life smacks you in the face with a shovel. Repeatedly. This makes things take longer, but as long as they get done in the end, then it’s as good as it’s going to get.

44 thoughts on “Terrain and Neglected Models: June 2019 Community Painting Challenge

  1. Fortunately (maybe not quite the right choice of word) I have plenty of neglected models to do, some of which are terrain! There’s probably some parallel dimension somewhere where I’ve got no neglected models – it’d be bloody awful! 🙂

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    • Yeah, I’ve been hitting a ton of them this month, which will be shown over the next few… however long. It seems I unfortunately have a never-ending supply of the little, neglected bastards.

      I have a dream of one day clearing my painting desk and the half-painted model tubs so I can just open new boxes and blisters, do the assembly, then paint them, then onto the next ones!

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  2. Welp, if I can pull it together enough to get anything done, it’ll definitely qualify 😉

    Best of luck on offline stuff turning around soon!

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  3. Really starting to feel part of the crew now mate ,up till now I have managed to start one finish one but now I’m starting to build up my neglected stuff that you always talk about ,it’s my grasshopper brain ,it jumps ahead from one new project to another ,I always blame winter !

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    • Yeah, I’m a butterfly myself. It’s so easy to get inspired and start something new but much harder to keep at it and not get distracted until they’re all finished. Oh look! A bird just flew past….

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  4. And here I am with a huge heap of minor heroes just waiting for something to encourage me to get them done! Fear not though, I reckon there’s a fairly high chance they’ll still be sitting there in July! 😉
    As for Neglected Models I’ve definitely got quite a few of them knocking around, and my terrain project is starting to look distinctly neglected too so perhaps I’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone here.

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    • Heh yeah, sorry – it just felt like two “hero” months back to back was a bit too much, since I can roll them into Jewel of July pretty easily. I know there’s a lot of overlap between “Armoured” and “Mechanical” but they’re much more a venn diagram situation than “small heroes” and “large heroes” when I can just erase the first word and make it inclusive of both.
      Still doesn’t mean you can’t chip away at them in June to complete them in July if that’ll help them work for you!

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      • Nope, if it’s not 2-3 hours per guy, it’s not painting! 😀
        On a more serious note, contrast paints look very nice, especially for the more organic models. Might be a perfect starting point for my 40k skaven.. But I’ll wait a bit to hear/see user experiences/tutorials/tips.

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      • Hahah. I’ve seen some really nice use of them over metallics, on wood/Sylvaneth – and Migsula’s weathering on a Blighthauler linked over on Dakka. I’m hoping for them to release them as a set as that’ll be SO much easier for me to pick up from my usual source…

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  5. I’m sure I have several on my (very recently minimized) shelf of shame. Although, the Khorne guys I’m currently painting actually qualify! I started painting them at least 3 years ago, and they are now almost complete! I”ll see if I can’t finish them up and get them in here. 🙂

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