Star Wars Miniatures Bacta Tank (#26, Imperial Entanglements)

Star Wars Miniatures Bacta Tank #26, Imperial Entanglements

After the positive response to my last few days worth of posting, I thought it was a good opportunity to hit everyone with something really underwhelming. In this case, I have a pair of Bacta Tanks from the Star Wars Miniatures range of prepaints brought out by WotC from 2004-2010. It was a surprisingly decent game, though I never got into it hardcore, and most of my purchases for the game have been via the post-2010 clearouts and fire sales from various places. These two I picked up late last year from a local place for cheap to maybe use in the actual game, but more realistically, use for Imperial Assault boardgame terrain and 40k-related Scenery. Not much to say here. I ripped off their warped and wonky bases and replaced them with HIPS 50mm bases, which I painted in that bluish-grey tone I use for other Imperial Assault things. I also found some old WHFB shields which I fashioned into super-crude pieces to add a tiniest bit of detail on top.

Could I have done more? Of course. But let’s be entirely real here – the models aren’t all that great and are still slightly wonky and warped – and ain’t nothing I can do about it! So I mulled over this briefly and then decided that they’re not worth the time it would have taken when I have to much else to do. So this is it, and here they are. They’ll look fine from an arms’ length. All good, and good enough!

12 thoughts on “Star Wars Miniatures Bacta Tank (#26, Imperial Entanglements)

  1. Good enough indeed 🙂
    You know, I always thought it weird that Luke had tubes for air and (presumably) nutrition in that scene, yet required a man-nappy to deal with his ‘outputs’… I wonder who got to change him?!?

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  2. Not underwhelming at all, these are actually quite cool! Re they empty or full, because if they’re empty I couldn’t resist putting an alien into them from time to time…

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  3. I think they look pretty cool actually. Do you actually get much time to play? With your prodigious output of painting miniatures and (presumably) the other stuff you have in your like I’m amazed you find the time. Perhaps you’re just a lot better at scheduling things than I am.

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    • I don’t get a chance to play nearly as often as I’d like to – time is an issue, as you can guess. I don’t really have any dedicated opponents, either, which is a problem.


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