Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

But Azazel, didn’t you just paint Reaper Bones’ Flesh Golem recently? Why yes. Yes, I did. But that Flesh Golem was 77512. This Flesh Golem is 77169! Also, there’s three of them in the one post this time. Why three? Probably from Bones 1 when I went big with my pledge is my guess. Handily, when all together, they make a unit for Kings of War and the like.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Perhaps I should check up on those KoW army lists and see if Undead Trolls (the profile I’m most likely to use for these) has units of six. Then I could combine them with the other recent trio that Other Joe Other Flesh Golem was part of. (time) Yes. Yes they can. And they’re Zombie Trolls. Damn, I haven’t played KoW in ages – I should really try to play more. All my bloody time is spent painting lately, though. Obviously, they can be used in any kind of fantasy RPG as well.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

This guy came up better than I’d expected. The “Eddie” aspect of his facial sculpt turned out especially well, I think – especially for a Bones model.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

This guy started with darker skin tones, which made the whole “pale corpse” thing a little trickier, but it seems to have worked out ok in the end as he’s visibly much darker than the others while maintaining a somewhat realistic skin tone.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Finally, I decided to go for a really bloodied-up look for the third one, and went with the palest of the three models, so that the spattered gore would be that much more impactful, especially when his fellows also have their fair share of bloodied limbs and spatter. Both hands, lower chin and chest, as though he’s not only been in combat, but was victorious and had a bit of a fed to celebrate. I used both of the Citadel transparent red paints for the effect – Spiritstone Red (lighter) and Blood for the Blood God (darker), as well as letting it dry in spots before going over with another layer.

Because of how this phone camera seems to do contrast (quite starkly), a bit of the more subtle nuance of this model seems to have been lost in the photos (yes, really, subtlety on this figure). Just a little bit, anyway!

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Rather than pulling out a Space Marine for the scale shot, I decided to do it as a “family” photo, alongside Neferata (I see that high-contrast photography has always been a bit of an issue) and some Mantic Zombies.

26 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

  1. Very nice mate, and a tidy unit to boot! I’d like to tackle one of these myself one day – I’d like to try one with different skin tones per stitched body section, just as a painting exercise!

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    • Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ve thought of doing the same, but I’d want (and presumably you would, too) a better model, like perhaps the metal version of this guy, or something a bit more human-scaled. I thought of doing it with a large D&D golem that I’m working on (and have been for the past 6+ years) but the problem there is that the model is muscular and huge, so seems …unlikely that a bunch of bodies that exact same (huge) size were around to stitch together as opposed to just dissecting and reassembling the same dead fellow.

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  2. I can definitely see the Eddie vibe there. Goes nicely with my long-standing position that anything that would look good on a heavy metal album cover will look good as a 40K or Fantasy mini.

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    • I’ve got a new concept for a Thrash Metal Band. I’m going to call them “Bolt Thrower” and we’ll do a 40k concept album. Wanna join? Maybe we can get some Space Marines or something like that for the album cover!

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      • There could be songs called things like “World Eater” and “Plague Bearer” and “Dark Millennium”!

        I’ve usually heard them classified as Death Metal or Grindcore, tho, not Thrash.

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        • Yeah, Death metal is correct – I got my grindy metals mixed up, though (most types of) metal have never been my genres of choice. I bought the cassette tape back when it came out. Had to seek out a dingy little metal-specialist shop back int he day. A couple of years later I picked it up on CD as well as the follow-up with the Pete Knifton artwork cover. No idea where those discs are right now, or if I even still have them after so many CD purges over the years… though I probably kept them due to the GW connection.
          I did like the atmospheric “intro” and “outro” tracks, though.


  3. Agree on the posts above on the hands and the use of the 2Citadel reds. I recently learned about Kings of War (while I saw “KoW” many times on your blog I was unaware of the game) until I did my research on the Mars Attacks game at Mantic. I have been searching for something to use for fantasy battles that was easy to use and learn. My friend Buck has Bear Yourself Valiantly for battalion level fantasy games, and is developing an offshoot of Combat Patrol for feudal and fantasy skirmish. That leaves the middle (company level) which I am wondering if KoW would fill my needs? I want to use any figures in any size unit (within reason), what do yo think?

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    • Kings of War is a pretty open game for various models. As you’d have seen, I use literally whatever I want. In a lot of ways it’s more like a historical game such as DBM or Hail Caesar as units are stands of multibased models rather than individual models in blocks – hence as long as your base sizes are right for the unit, you’re golden.
      You track wounds per unit instead of removing individual models and whittling the units down as in Warhammer.
      There are quite a lot of their rules available for free on the website, so it’s very easy to check out. The free rules for the various armies feature full rules for the units included, but lack some additional/more exciting units.

      Speaking for myself, some of my armies fit in with their official lists, but when something doesn’t, I just find the equivalent in another army list and use those points costs and stats. For example, my Gondor Army works as an “Army of Men” but I use the stats and points for Elven Cavalry to represent the Knights of Dol Amroth – Likewise my Rangers of Ithilien use the Elven Gladestalkers rules as there’s no “ranger” equivalent in the Armies of Men list aside from simple archers (and as we know, Archer ≠ Ranger!)
      Most all of my armies have some form of this tweaking in them, and since I don’t do “official tournaments” I’m quite happy to make the rules work for me rather than work for the rules, as I know you of all people can completely understand. I keep it thematic rather than rules-breaking (I’m as likely to play against any of my armies as to use them), and since Allies are officially a thing in KoW anyway, most of these tweaks are probably *still* tournament-legal!

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      • Thanks much and you nailed my outlook for sure. When I make my units for Combat Patrol, I either use values from the Star Wars supplement or just make my own based on the figures. I’m in no danger of tournament problems as I’m lucky to get in a game anyways. Our conventions do have some tournaments, but not the focus for most of the gamers I know. Very helpful information Azazel – and I will look to that as my next rules for fantasy. One last question -are individual heroes and/or wizards represented in addition to units?

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