Zombicide: Black Plague – Abomination (also, June-It ’18)

Awhile back I picked out a pair of my Zombicide Black Plague figures to paint, and this weekend, I finally completed one of them – this guy.

The model features these… things sticking out of the A-Bom’s forearms – and it’s unclear if they’re mutant zombie bone growth-type things (as seen in some of the “modern” Zombicide figures – or if they’re something that has wounded the Abomination, which is now being used as ersatz weapons. I simply painted them as black-green rocks, before bloodying-up the whole area. After all, as far as substances that could theoretically turn a standard walker into something like this, I figure Warpstone fits the bill…

Scale shot provided by this Legolas model, so you can get an idea of the Abomination’s size.

And now alongside the two figures that motivated me to finish this model. The three of them were sitting on the desk in various stages of partially-painted when I had the idea to call them a unit and try to finish them by the end of June. Despite a variety of sculpt styles between the trio, they all fit well enough together. So I’m calling this guy the final model for another completed unit – of three large, zombie-poxwalking-ogre-Nurglesque golem-ish ugly bastards.

Finishing this guy kinda makes me want to dig out a bunch of my other Zombicide Abominations for similar treatment…

30 thoughts on “Zombicide: Black Plague – Abomination (also, June-It ’18)

  1. These guys are awesome. I have Zombicide, had it for years now (no expentions yet)… and I thought about painting the figures up but never got around to it. maybe IF I ever get around to painting up all my 40k minis I’ll start working my way through the board games. My friend has a Deathguard army and if I painted up all the zombies I thought I could use them as plague zombies or something in a narrative game.

    I’m not sure I’d be able to paint them as well as you but any paint is better than bare plastic right?

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    • Thanks mate. I’ve done a few Zombicide figures – though before this A-Bom, all of them have been survivors and zombivors (click the topic-thing in the sidebar) – so no actual zombies. The zombicide zombies can absolutely find use as Plague Zombies aka Poxwalkers – which is my eventual, theoretical plan after painting all of the “official” Nurgle models I already have.
      I think I’ll end up going with something far simpler than this one or the survivors when/if I eventually get around to all of the hordes of regular zombies. Perhaps even The Dip. Goes on easily, wears hard, and most importantly, looks very much good enough if done carefully.


    • Thanks Alexis. You’re not helping when I consider Abominarmarama 2018! (wherin I paint lots of Zombicide Abominations).
      Because I *need* more freakin’ projects!


  2. Nice work on your mini. Great base as usual. I also like the purplish skin. Did you use a wash or glaze? I’m not very good at identifying the different green paints, so I’m also curious what you used there. Looks like it would be great for some frog skin.

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    • Thanks!
      The skin was done with a pale sand colour with a thinned down glaze of purple over it. I can’t remember if it was AP Purple Tone or a purple paint or a mix of both, thinned. Either way, it was pretty heavily thinned with Lahmian.
      The green cloth was Nurgling green or something similar, later washed with Biel-tan green and a little bit of Model Air Cam Green wet-blended in.
      That sounds much fancier than it was – it was “oh shit, I should have added in some darker green there before I added the wash shade there” so I grabbed the closest mid-dark, dull/military green I had to hand and just smushed it in there a little while the wash was still wet. Once it all dried, just a touch of Krieg Khaki on the edges to make them pop.

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      • Haha, sometimes that’s how it works! I try my best to take notes on what I’m doing, both for me and to share, but sometimes it’s just ‘paint is drying, get moving!’.

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      • I sometimes do that – but more for figures that need to be uniform. When I do stuff like zombie skin, Nurgle skin or slayer mohawks, I do it differently each time. I mean, I know roughly what colours to use and how to get the effects, but I’m quite happy for each batch to be a little different.

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