Zombicide: Black Plague Green Horde – Orc Abomination (Contrast Paint Experiment #20)

Zombicide: Black Plague Green Horde - Orc Abomination

Just before I took my little break from painting for a few months, I was working on different Abomination models from my Zombicide boardgames. After completing both the Berserkers and the Toxic Abominations, I started on the basic ones, as well as this guy – the Orc Abomination from Black Plague’s standalone expansion, Green Horde.

Zombicide: Black Plague Green Horde - Orc Abomination

Unlike the Abomination from the Core Black Plague boxed set, who had weird looking protuberances which I chose to paint like Warpstone, this guy’s ones are pretty clearly in the bone spike/horn category.  Especially given that his spine appears to be eriuipting from his back as well, it just made sense…

Zombicide: Black Plague Green Horde - Orc Abomination

Because we’re doing both Orc and Zombie here, I went for a desaturated pale green, as though most of the Orc’s blood has drained out of him. Purple lower leges might have worked there as well, but they’re not especially bloated, so I let it go. I let the blood (both his own, old blood and whoever donated the spatter on his claws and chest act as the spot colour, as he was pretty dull without it. (And by design, too!)

Zombicide: Black Plague Green Horde - Orc Abomination

He does, I guess count as another Contrast Paint experiment, This time it was using the stuff in a very similar way to how I’ve used washes on zombies before. Particularly the purple-on-putrid-green look. Verdict? Well, obviously I used a bunch of Contrast medium on them as well, but it came out pretty similarly to the Army Painter wash. Possibly a little more subtle in the transitions due to the way that the Contrast Paint works… (and yeah, looks like I found some more Photobucket posts there to unfuck!)

Zombicide: Black Plague Green Horde - Orc Abomination & Abomination

Finally, a family shot next to the Core Black Plague Abomination. Once I finish the 5 or 6 Abominations from the base Zombicide Game (they’re on the tray) then I just need to seek out where I put the boxes with the fancy add-on Abombs from Black Plague and Green Horde….

And finally, if we’re talking Ogre-sized monsters, I figure this one will also work for Ann’s Miniatures of Magnitude Challenge for May & June. I just thought of that while typing this post, but yeah – this guy is Ogre-sized, so just squeezes in at the minimum height to get on the ride…

20 thoughts on “Zombicide: Black Plague Green Horde – Orc Abomination (Contrast Paint Experiment #20)

    • Thjanks mate – two spatters of blood on the front and one from the rear aimed at the swipey-arm. Then some leftover from the toothbrush on his talons.
      I do see a lot of people – mostly younger people and less experienced modellers overdo it with a “more is more” mentality.
      Luckily I always have the memory of when as a teenager I lent my Space Hulk set to a friend and at least one of the terminators came back covered on a silly amount of red paint, as my friend had “helpfully” added what he thought was the right amount of spatter to the model, making it look more than a little silly. I picture that terminator every single time I use BFTBG.
      So I guess his “help” painting actually paid off in the end!

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  1. The desaturated green works well and the blood spatter as you say adds points of interest and colour, the silver helps draw the viewer into the face as well

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  2. Yep, I agree with the others, nicely done and indeed a worthy subject for the challenge.

    As for Photobucket, I’m still occasionally finding those in my blog too. I wonder how their For Pay model is working out for them?

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    • As I understand it, they were in a bit of trouble before they changed, and then the way that they changed to the for-pay model basically nuked their business and they now have no more than a handful of staff. I keep getting their shitty spam as well, which occasionally just reminds me to seek out more of my old posts and update them to remove the pics from their service.
      And on the model – thanks! 🙂

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    • Exactly! That’s the main reason I decided to get to painting the various Abomination models, even if I never get all the regular Zombies done, it’ll still add a lot to the game when these nasty bastards turn up!

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  3. TIM nailed it up above. Blood spatter is tough to get right and I’m not very good at it so I’m really impressed by the results you’ve achieved. This guy turned out great and I’m sure he is quite a terror in Zombicide too 🙂

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  4. Really digging that skin tone! All contrast paints, then? Care to share the recipe?
    I adopted the Tray System™ recently too – closing in on finishing my first one. Maybe I should get to registering a blogspot or something to share my progress.


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