Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Zombie Abominations (Squaddie September ’19, Contrast Paint Experiment #11)

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Zombie Abominations

The next batch of three from my “I should paint those Zombicide Abominations” run, the Toxic Abominations from the Toxic City Mall expansion. These obviously closely follow the trio of Berserker Zombies from the other day, and were started immediately after those were completed. Like the previous batch, a lot of the work was done with Contrast paints, though I couldn’t resist combining them with “normal” painting techniques as well – which – let’s face it – is always going to give the best results. So after using different greens and combinations (because I mix my colours) from the Contrast range, these were all given a yellow glaze, and then the boils were goven some extra yellow and/or red to bring them to …the boil.

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Zombie Abominations

Because Zombicide humour, the models are wearing undies or Speedos and wearing fluffy bunny slippers, as well as what may be tanning goggles, sunglasses or sleep masks. To keep it simple and make the three of them a little distinguishable, I went with different accessory schemes for the three of them – red/pink, “white”, and blue. Not sure why the models are covered in little squares, but they’re there on the artwork. I wasn’t sure what to do with them, as they’re a bit of a crappy detail of the sculpts – so I simply painted them flouro, as though they’re Post-Its. Again, because WTF else was there to do with them?

Zombicide, Toxic Zombie Abominations, Berserker Zombie Abominations

As with their Berserker brethren, these aren’t amazing models, but they’re quite decent, especially for boardgame monsters. These also have the benefit of fitting into the Nurgle force if need be as… I dunno? Plaguebeaers? Yeah, that’ll do it. They painted up pretty easily, were another fun (as opposed to shitty) experiment with the Contrast paints, and give me another trio “Squad” for September’s painting challenge. I’ll take that.

There’s a couple of little “Easter Eggs” on one of them for the sharp-eyed as well. Now that leaves me with the Orcish Abomination from Green Horde and the regular ones from the base game to do. And that’s before I get into the crazytown special ones from the later campaigns. If only I could get a break from dealing with other people’s needy and/or helpless bullshit for more than a scattered single day at a time…

27 thoughts on “Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Zombie Abominations (Squaddie September ’19, Contrast Paint Experiment #11)

  1. I’ve heard good things about zombicide. Might have to play a game. Good work with the contrast paints, I’m really liking them, they are a great addition to the my paint range and I use them on every model now. Especially glazing.

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    • It’s a pretty good game. As Eric points out, it’s also very accessible to people who aren’t that familiar with boardgames or wargames, and the co-op nature really does let others join in who would normally be intimidated by wargames.
      The models are decent, and the game is fun. Lots of free expansions and extra missions online as well.
      Cheers on the Contrast thoughts as well. I’m also finding that I use a few of them, sometimes thinned, sometimes not as part of my normal painting workflow now – as you, often as a glaze (or in place of a wash).

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  2. Great work on these models, the contrast paints seem to be helping you speed through a lot of these models.
    The Pee, and Poo stains on the white speedo might be a bit much ! LOL

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    • Thanks Dave. I could have done these with a “normal” series of paint and/or ink washes/glazes, but it would have taken a lot longer. The ease of use is also helping to motivate me to smash through a lot of these mid-tier boardgame models as well.
      And hey! He just didn’t manage to get there in time…

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  3. I like these guys a lot better than the Abominations. They look like they’ve been warped and bloated and rotted, while the Abominations kinda look like they’ve just had stuff glued all over them.

    I looked at the box art, and yeah, those little squares are weird. One of them did seem to be sort of peeling off, so stickers of some kind sounds like a good guess. Maybe it’s a game among the survivors to run up and tag them with stickers in each person’s colour, or maybe they use them to keep track of how often they see any given one or something.

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    • They’re both different types of Abominations. In the base game, the Abomination is the big, nigh-unkillable nasty ogre-ish Zombie. In the expansions, the players get ways to kill them, but along with that, there are new wrinkles. The Berserkers are armour plated (and have dark red-brown models) so you’re forced to melee them rather than shoot, while the Toxic Zombies explode in a clod of toxic spatter, so you want to shoot those ones. Then both new “types” of zombies have their own versions of the basic “classes” of “Walker”, “Runner”, “Fatties” and Abomination. I’m just painting the Abominations at the moment, as there are only a few of them comparative to the others…

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  4. More tempting Zombicide minis… 🙂 Nice work on these guys and I think they fit in nicely with the previous squad. I’m guessing these are the biggest ones in the box so they are meant to look pretty imposing and stand out which I think they will next any other zombies you paint. The boils really make them look sickly as well. Nice work and very impressive to knock out two squads in quick succession like this too!

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    • Thanks Mate – and yeah, they are the biggest zombies from the set(s). I have to say that the Contrast Paints/painting with washes method really made these into some fairly easy jobs – and these green ones were more fun than the lobstery ones, too!

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