Gobbla the Squig (No Skarsnik …yet) (Kev Adams, 1994)

Gobbla the Squig, Kev Adams, 1994

A quickie today. A month or so ago, I showed off Berkeley, Zombie Survivor which I painted as part of a “pick two”, where I asked Marouda to choose two models off my desk that I’d get painted. Berkeley, obviously was the first, and Gobbla, shown above and below, was the second of them. Gobbla here has actually been completed for a couple of weeks now, but there was a delay with taking the photos, and now an even longer delay in writing this post and getting him up on the blog.

Gobbla the Squig, Kev Adams, 1994

This is the first version of Gobbla, and I do need to find and then complete the accompanying version of Skarsnik to have the infamous duo done, finally. I just had a 20-minute look for Skarsnik, and while I found a bunch of models that I’d like to complete for Neglected Orctober next month, there’s no sign of the Infamous Goblin Shaman himself…

Paint-wise, he’s come up a bit shiner in these photograps than he is in hand, but hin skin does have a satin finish. Hopefully he looks a bit better when I show him again side by side with Skarsnik (eventually). There’s a fair bit of Contrast paint in him as well, though used in diluted form (using the medium) for some nice, densely-coloured but still opaque washes.

26 thoughts on “Gobbla the Squig (No Skarsnik …yet) (Kev Adams, 1994)

  1. Great painting of Gobbla, hate it when you can’t find an accompanying model hopefully you find him soon. Getting my wife to choose what model next, probably would mean doing more work stuff, so I think I’ll leave that

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  2. Washes sometimes come out looking shiny I find. One of my painting friends has persuaded me that matte varnishing everything (except stuff like metal bits in TMM) is the way to go and looks the best when photographing finished. Ultimately, I think it is a matter of taste but thought I’d share my experiences. It has truthfully taken me a while to get used to how my minis looks when matte’d but it might be worth experimenting with.

    As far as the Squig goes, I love the old sculpts as they have a bit of a comedic element to them and this guy is no different. He also just has great charm and I love the bold, red coloring too. I’d love to see how this guy looks with his mate when he turns up but I’d say this is another job well done 🙂

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    • It’s the satin varnish I’ve used here – which was by choice, as I felt that a slight sheen would work on Squig. In hand, it’s fine as well, though a little less so in the photos. The problem is that it’s very hard to get a varnish that has the exact same finish as the paints, which in most cases would be idea. Varnish always seems to come out a bit too shiny, or a bit too matte. Still, it’s preferable to the third option – of chipped paint (especially on the metal models!)
      I’ve got the new Squigs as well, and may (possibly) get a few of those done soon – just depends on what else I can get out of the way first…

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  3. I’m curious how he’d size up vs the new plastic squigs as he was always bigger than the older metal ones (though I suppose there is a newer version ofc, which I forgot about when I started writing this as I only have the older one 🙄). Anyway classic paint job on one of my favourites.

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