Neglected October plus Orctober & Orcslayer-Tober: Oct 2019 Community Painting Challenge.

First things first – the July and August Challenge Community Round-Ups are coming. I’d planned to have at least one of them done by now, but I’ve been both flat out and under the weather for the last week, which was supposed to be a time for me to have a bit of a rest. No such luck, of course. So.. they’ll still get done, but my descriptive bits will probably be a lot more concise.

I’ve also been doing a bit of painting myself, but again – not nearly as much as I’d like. There are at least three sets of three models that “should have” been done, like a week ago. Actually, I still haven’t had a chance to finalise the flocking for the final one of my own Awesome August models, so at this point I probably won’t even count it anymore…

Still, the world rolls on, and so here’s the (slightly late) October Challenge Announcement Post. As with last year, I’m going with the Orc theme, so anyone’s greenskins of any type (even if they have grey, brown, ochre, etc skin) will count, that’s across any games or models of course as long as they’re Orc-related (yeah, I’ll allow Squigs).

UPDATE: We’re now also including Orc-Slayers as part of this month’s challenge!

The other part of the challenge, which helps to make it accessable to pretty much anyone is the Neglected Models part. To summarise (since I have no energy right now), this means a model that was started more than 6 months ago but has been left to linger on the proverbial “shelf of shame”.

What’s “started”? Well, I’ll leave that up to you. Anything from “just needs a wash to be finished” to “I glued it together” works for me. The point – as always – being to help motivate people to get stuff finished that has been hanging out for too long. Nothing started that’s sat for more than 6 months? Well in that case, I firstly admire your discipline, and secondly, I’ll take something that you’ve owned for 6 months+ that you haven’t done anything to. Because I’m nice like that.

Usually, I try to comb through previous versions of the month’s challenge to add in some examples by participants, but like I said, I’ve got no energy still, so you get a few of my own Neglected and Orcish models, plucked from the photos stored here on WordPress. Don’t worry about me either, I’ll be fine in a day or three. 🙂

That’s pretty much it. If you might be interested, you’ve got a couple of days left for thinking about it before the challenge starts – though if you’re keen there’s also no reason you can’t be working on your models. Because it’s only about completing models in October. I don’t care when you started them!  😀

There’s also no special criteria as to who can or cannot participate. If you’d like to participate, then you can. Simples.

Oh, and Neglected Scenery counts as well. Because why would it not?

37 thoughts on “Neglected October plus Orctober & Orcslayer-Tober: Oct 2019 Community Painting Challenge.

  1. I can tell already I’m going to have less to share next month, but september has been a bit of an anomaly anyway. I do appreciate the rather lenient definition of “neglected”, though, since I tend to not really have many half-painted models around for long periods. I mostly seem to be quicky amassing half-built kitbashes and models still blu-tacked together.

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  2. Neglected models? Check. Orks? Check. Neglected orks? Check! Yeah, I should be able to find a thing or two for this – especially as the end of the year keeps getting closer and those remaining ork boys aren’t painting themselves!

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  3. I’ve got one model that could work for this challenge. A half-painted Arwen (the really old sculpt which is not great) that I got frustrated when it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. We’ll see if I can get over the frustration and actually paint it 🙂

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      • As you’ll see in my next update, warg riders would be very unlikely (which is a good thing for me in this case. If I pick up some new Orcy sculpts though, I will certainly include them. I took a look at Arwen this morning and I think I need to strip her paint and start over if I want to ever finish her and I doubt that will happen in October. I may have something else to include that has been kicking around my table for a bit but I’ll save that surprise for later this month 🙂

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  4. Sadly I’m not going to get my September submission ready in time, but I’ll try to redeem myself in Orktober! I’ve got a couple of Boyz that I started working on for last Orktober, but never finished. Shouldn’t be an impossible task, even though I know that the next month is pretty booked for non-hobby stuff..

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