Mechanismo May ’19 Painting Challenge 2019: Personal Round-Up

As has happened a few times, especially with this year being as messy as it’s been so far – when I took my “personal round-up” photo(s), it turned out that I fucked up a little when trying to take a shot for the challenge as well as a shot for everything else – so with that in mind, I’ve just binned the other photo and we’ll just have to go with this one.

So for the challenge, I finished the bunker-building, 2 Ork artillery pieces, 2 Star Wars Bacta tanks, 2 Legion of the Damned Space Marines in power armour, an Iron Warriors Traitor Legion Vindicator tank, a pair of (captured) Universal Carriers, and a pair of 88mm Flakartillerie and a Ratman with a bionic power fist. Not too shabby, given the circumstances.

I managed to complete a total of 33 models in May. Once again, not what I’d hoped to get done but still squeezing past the model/day that I like to keep up. By end of April I had 147, so this brings me to 180 finished by the end of May.

14 thoughts on “Mechanismo May ’19 Painting Challenge 2019: Personal Round-Up

    • Thanks Alex. Just driving on. I missed a few things, but having enough easy wins sprinked into each month keeps the numbers up. My June output is mostly made of scatter terrain, but it makes up the numbers once again while I’ve been in poor state.

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  1. I can only echo what the others have said, that’s a great collection of very well painted models. My hat is off to you for maintaining such a high standard and output when life has been tough.

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    • Thank you, Pete. I’ve got a (very) small amount more of them from June to show shortly. Not sure if I’ll get more of them done this month, but it’d be good if I can chip away at them and maybe finish at least the stuff that’s been started by the end of the year…

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