Reaper 50153: Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

A kind of random model today. This was one that Marouda and I picked up from a gaming store a few years ago because it looked cool on the peg. Then it naturally sat around for a long time, before evventually being opened, started, and Neglected for …I dunno. A couple of years?

Anyhow, I found it recently, and so stuck it amongst the masses of models on the painting desk, and there, it stood. Still neglected as I worked on other models. A couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling much on the models I was working on, so I asked Marouda to pick out a couple of models for me to finish from anything on the table (with the caveat that I can always say “nope, not painting that one right now” if I don’t like the choices). The two that she picked were Berkeley, and one other model that’s still WIP.

Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

Pretty straightforward model, all things considered. I went for a nice triad of main colours with red for the hair, white for the top and blue for her jeans. A couple of shades of brown for her other kit for a more realistic overall look compared to a lot of the Warhammer stuff. In particular, I’m really happy with how her jeans came out (especially in hand). I was in two minds about adding tattoos, since the model’s arms are really fine, and I didn’t want to muddy them up. On the other hand, she looks like she’d have some ink, so I compromised and kept it to a couple of really subtle, part-hidden ones on her person. I wanted the chainsaw to be realistic, and wanted to go for orange for the plastic casing rather than use red or yellow. That’s also where I used some Contrast paint as well with thinned Gryph-Hound Orange over VMC Light Orange. For me, this is how I see the most use of Contrast paints working for me. After I was happy with the orange, I had to figure out something to do with the chain cover, since the plain off-white looked boring, so it was google time to find a brand that fit, since the names I’d most likely use have their own standard colours (Stanley uses Yellow, Bosch uses green.. that sort of thing). I found Echo, and they also use a font that I was able to reasonably replicate at that scale, so that’s where the branding came from.

It wasn’t until the model was completed that I actually noticed that the long strip of torn denim hanging from her leg to the ground that kept annoying me was in fact, a dismembered zombie hand. At that point I wasn’t willing to clip it off and have to repaint the mess it’d make of part of her jeans, so yeah. Long strip of ripped denim. Just unsee it! 😉

22 thoughts on “Reaper 50153: Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

    • haha. I get it, but it’s not out of laziness. Painting it would be easy. It’s because I don’t want a dismembered hand on the base of my chainsaw wielding woman. She’s much more versatile this way – in a sense it’s the same reason I didn’t go the blood spatter effects.

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    • Thanks, I wanted her to look realistic(ish) and like someone you do no want to fuck with, so good to hear it’s worked. A few too many of the ones painted out there, while well done, make her look like she’s just left the salon. 😀

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  1. I would have never guessed that the part on her jeans was a zombie hand! You did a good job covering up the mistake. I really like how you captured her mood/expression so well too. The freehand on the chainsaw is not too shabby either 🙂 This is another cool mini and I’m surprised Reaper made a zombie themed one that looks so good. I may have to take a second look at their selection as I sometimes wish I could paint something in the post-apocalypse genre for fun/something different.

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    • Well that’s the thing – it wasn’t even a mistake or a deliberate coverup. I just didn’t see the hand until the mini was like 97% done, and I didn’t want to risk messing it up, nor did I want the hand to be there, so I just left it painted as an unfeasably long bit of ripped jeans.
      Reaper does have some corkers in their ranges, and the Chronoscope stuff in particular has a nice variety of stuff that fits the genres of modern, sci-fi, steampunk, post-apoc, superhero…

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      • That is very good luck then I would say and good timing as making a mistake at the end of a project even a small one is really disheartening. I took a look at some of their sculpts and a few caught my eye but I’ll check out the Chronoscope ones in particular as that sounds up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation!

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