Breaking News: February’s Paint Challenge goes dual-mode. Terrain added to Neglected Models!

Well, here’s the news. I’ve had long service leave approved for February after the mess that that was the end of last year (not to mention the entire preceding year) so I’m taking the entire month off from work. To keep things moving along, I’m going to continue painting terrain pieces like a bastard, and so I’m adding it to the month’s challenge. As always, feel free to participate if it’s your thing, or completely ignore it if it’s not your thing. I’ll still do one round-up for both modes once the month is done, especially as (for me, at least) a lot of terrain qualifies as both terrain and Neglected Models.

Large pieces, huge pieces, game boards, tiles, scatter terrain. It’s all good.

Just be sure and link your completed pieces in the comments of this post or (preferably) the original February Challenge post so I can compile them.

45 thoughts on “Breaking News: February’s Paint Challenge goes dual-mode. Terrain added to Neglected Models!

  1. Hmm… No excuse not to get at least my current piece of terrain finished then and possibly it’s twin piece too if not more. Hopefully I can make these a productive couple of months. Hope your doing ok man.

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  2. I don’t know what service leave, but sounds like a good thing?

    I should be elated at the options on this month’s challenge, but I think there was a part of me that was hoping to nudge me away from terrain. It’s what I got sidetracked on this month, and given the size of pieces, it’s dominating the desk. So everything else is getting stalled out. At the end of the day, it’s all paint on stuff. So I’ll get back to the character minis in due time.

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      • Wow, that LSL is pretty awesome (and congrats!). The closest I would get to that here, is paternity leave, which really wouldn’t pay off in the long run! 😉

        Good call on the temp desk. I might have to consider that next time I tackle a terrain project. I guess initially I was thinking that I would work on a piece or two, but better to get as many pieces worked on at a time as I can. Thus desk overload.

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      • I think I’m going to remain just as constantly-exhausted over my LSL as I have been for the last month, but at least it’s in aid of a good cause. AND I’m not at work!
        Unfortunately the temp desk is now covered in junk as I moved stuff off another desk for a LAN night the other day. Gotta move it all back, then probably back again in a day or two if our friends come over again.
        Yes, it’s time to break out the tiny violins!

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      • Well, technically it was online Multiplayer on PS4, but with all 4 of us in the same room, it’s like LAN gaming. I convinced our friends to give Dead Rising 4’s MP a shot for a round or two. They were hesitant, even reluctant to play *another* zombie game, but we ended up playing it all night. The light RPG elements work well in it.

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  3. Excellent news! If I was an evil criminal mastermind I’d have said I planned it and you fell right into my trap and extended the terrain challenge! Actually, if I was an evil criminal mastermind I’d pay you a stack of cash to paint all my stuff (so, by that logic, you can probably assume that I’m not an evil criminal mastermind)!

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    • I saw that you got them done in time the other morning, so now you can just focus on neglected models this month, if you have any.
      Still, feel free to use it as motivation to knock out any more old bits of terrain – big or small – that you have sitting around!


      • Seems like it’s neglected models only, as I only got a couple of barrels and tank traps left, and I’m saving those for basing fodder or something like that.. But no worries, I’ve got plenty of those neglected models and already made a start on some SCEs. As those should be relatively quick to finish, maybe I have time for something else too.

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