(Another unit of) Mantic Zombies! (6-Month Tale of Gamers Challenge)

Mantic Zombies, Vampire Counts, Zombicide Black Plague, Deadwalkers

Following on from the initial regiment/dozen Zombies that I painted last month, I started a follow-up regiment at the end of last month. The idea being that they could be used as two regiments – or more likely – combined into one horde (by keeping the regiment trays together). They would have been finished on the first weekend of this month, but instead I got them finished last night after work.

Mantic Zombies, Vampire Counts, Zombicide Black Plague, Deadwalkers

This mob has been painted in much the same manner as the first dozen. Some coloured base coats, Army Painter washes (mostly purples this time), a bit of highlighting, then the clothing in a dark grey, washed with black/brown and then picking out the eyes, teeth, bone and wounds. Then varnish, flock, and Blood for the Blood God to finish.

Mantic Zombies, Vampire Counts, Zombicide Black Plague, Deadwalkers

The first dozen were essentially painted with what I can lazily refer to as “green”, “pink” and “grey” skin. This second batch can be summed up as “yellow” and “purple”. After being photographed on their own to show off, these guys have been mixed with the first batch to give a bit more variety. Once I start the third batch, whenever that turns out to be, they’ll primarily be another two skin tones. At that point I’ll do “brown” and “red” (or something) and then in turn mix those in with these guys. That was as I continue to paint more zombies, the overall variety will increase over time. I’ll probably take a bit of a longer break before I do the next two dozen, though…

Mantic Zombies, Vampire Counts, Zombicide Black Plague, Deadwalkers

Mantic Zombies, Vampire Counts, Zombicide Black Plague, Deadwalkers

These models are probably the nicest of Mantic’s undead range – I’ve been finding that their skeletons are far less fun to paint than I’d expected – but the limited number of parts is less than ideal, so I’ve mixed in a fair few of their Ghoul parts.

Mantic Zombies, Vampire Counts, Zombicide Black Plague, Deadwalkers

Mantic Zombies, Vampire Counts, Zombicide Black Plague, Deadwalkers

The unit shots of these guys were just taken for this blog post, as right afterwards, I mixed the models from the two zombie units so far, in order to mix the skin tones up a little more.

And here they are! The completed Horde of Zombies!

17 thoughts on “(Another unit of) Mantic Zombies! (6-Month Tale of Gamers Challenge)

  1. Brilliant man. Did I tell you I recently bought some? I’ve got so much to paint before I get started on them though. Hey this be coming from left field but do you know me or know of me in the real world? Haha. My new employer knows all about my blog and I have no idea how? Haha. I know you’re from my neck of the woods so that’s why I’m asking.

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    • Nope – in the immortal words of Shaggy: “Wasn’t me!” I live and work out in the West, and while a few people know I paint “little models”, there’s only one bloke who is also into wargaming – and finding that out was simply by chance one day last year. He’s into Norse, Vikings, Norse Dwarves, etc.
      Didn’t know you’d picked up any, but I’m sure you’ll be able to use them in some creative ways with your kitbashes.

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      • As far as plastics go… I like/liked the older Citadel plastics, though a lot of people don’t like them at all. The ones that come with Zombicide (regular for modern or Black Plague for fantasy) are pretty decent, reasonably priced, and the game itself is a very good, simple to learn but with a fair bit of tactical depth boardgame. Studio Miniatures has some reasonably priced modern plastics, as well as Nazi Zombies.

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  2. Excellent work, but I expect nothing else from you ;). Really love the variety you brought to the skintones, while keeping it “realistic”. These Zombies might indeed be the best on the market, or at least some of the best minis Mantic released. I actually made some Roman Zombies using bits of Mantic, Reaper Bones and Victrix, so they work great as bits box filler. I shall include those in a Zombie themed post in some point.

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    • Thank you – I’m seriously tempted to do another dozen now, even though there’s so many other models I should be working on. I’d love to see what you came up with using the Roman parts – could be an inspiration for me to use them as a really nice way of bulking out even more zombies while making some opponents for my eventual Roman Army…


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