If not, you will not be missed …

High times on the Eastern Fringe

The worlds of Warhammer are both grim and dark but they are unlike the real world just fantasy ones. As the real falls into dark void of the Corona pandemic and racial violence, Games Workshop stepped up and declared its position.

Personally, I find this great. And I hope that Games Workshop continues to push for a more inclusive and diverse hobby. The real world, in contrast to the oppressive hell of the Imperium, should be a great place for everyone, as corny as that might sound, but it really should. A great place of equal opportunity and equal rights. We all have a responsibility to make that happen. And those who do not want to tag alone on this great journey … well, they won’t be missed.

Take care, everyone!

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D&D Monster Manual 19: Wrath of Ashardalon – Gauth (Bellax)

Wrath of Ashardalon - Gauth

Bellax, Baby Beholder?

Since we’ve been playing a bit of the D&D boardgames lately, a few more of the models from those games have sneaked into my painting queue. Despite my fairly effectiove use of “The Tray” unfortunately some of the stuff there just isn’t driving me to paint it right now, and the D&D stuff belongs to that most relevant painter/gamer clause of “I need it done now for a game”. So when I found this thing in the bottom of the game box, primed and basecoated red. Well, I could see that the model was going to be simple enough to finish pretty quickly. So over the course of not too much time over two days, I got it finished.

Wrath of Ashardalon - Gauth

Dancing Dragonborn Fighter for scale.

As I understand it, a Gauth is like a small Beholder, which is a bloody silly monster in and of itself, and as such, very D&D. It’s also one of the noises that – should you find yourself making it with any frequency – means you should go get yourself tested for COVID-19. As for the model, I dunno. While I actually have an amazing looking paionted variant of this model in my mind’s eye with mottled skin and transitions between distinct shades, it was already basecoated red, and given how much of a zero-sum game my painting time is, it’s really not a model that calls for such effort. It was an easy paint, it looks alright, it’ll work well when we need it for the boardgame or if I ever play D&D/Pathfinder again, so it counts as an easy win, I guess!