Hasslefree Miniatures “Ray” aka Shaun of the Dead aka “You’ve got red on you.”

aka Simon Pegg as Shaun of the Dead

Hasslefree HFA007 Ray and HFA052 Dynamic Ray.

Another couple of figures that I painted recently (at the same time as the first batch of Zombicide survivors) were Hasslefree’s Ray, and Dynamic Ray. Obviously I painted these as they’re Hasslefree’s take on Simon Pegg as Shaun of the Dead. Since all four figures were of the same character, it made sense to paint them all at once. I’m showing off these separately I think the Hasslefree models deserve their own post, and since people looking to check out the Zombicide or Hasslefree models may not be interested in the other. (Especially as the Zombicide one is no longer available/Kickstarter exclusive)

Unrelated Photograph.

Although these are shorter than the Zombicide figures, I prefer both of these to the “official” ZC sculpt, as they have more character to them and are nice sculpts, and the cricket bat looks like a cricket bat (particularly on Dynamic Ray). These are somewhat heroic-scaled, though. “Regular” Ray is an early Hasslefree sculpt, and as such, Dynamic Ray – the later sculpt – has a better likeness of Pegg, better proportions all around, and better detailing (just look at the pants!) Still, if you’re a fan (or need a figure for that boardgame!) either or even both are a worthwhile purchase.

aka Simon Pegg as Shaun of the Dead

Hasslefree HFA007 Ray and HFA052 Dynamic Ray – rear view.

Hasslefree also has a Zombie version of Ray, though I don’t own that one at this stage. I’ll probably pick it up next time I get around to doing a Hasslefree order. And yes, Ed will be joining his mate at some stage in the future.

7 thoughts on “Hasslefree Miniatures “Ray” aka Shaun of the Dead aka “You’ve got red on you.”

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  2. Nice! I like these ones better than the Zombicide versions. I prefer the more solid look from the touch of heroic scaling, and it looks like the detail is better-defined on these as well. And yes, the cricket bat is much better.

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    • Yeah, the Zombicide ones just don’t compare to Kev’s ones here. The sculptor took them directly from the concept art and had clearly never seen a cricket bat before, either.


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