It’s Bloggerin’ Time!

Now that I’m (briefly) getting a chance to catch my breath before work goes into mental overdrive as we plummet to the end of the year, I’m trying to sort out and catch up on a few things. yes, the Community Challenge roundups for the last three months are now in process, I need to clean up the War Room (again) so I can take some Army-In-Progress Photos like I planned to but didn’t do for Army August, I continue to unfuck my blog from the stink of Photobucket (All my old Zombicide Posts are now Free! – Go Check ’em Out if you’re interested!)

I mean, I don’t mind paying for a service, but I won’t be extorted, so you know, fuck em.

Anyway, I also want to clean up some of the blog links I have, and obviously I need to remove the dead links, and the ones to blogs that haven’t been maintained for many months or even years now, and those whose bloggers have disappeared from the face of the planet entirely.

I also intend to remove those blogs that I don’t have any interaction with, and whose authors don’t have any interaction at all with this blog. Unfortunately, the WordPress/Blogspot divide does cause a rift between the communities (and I hate the lack of a simple “like” option for Blogspot) but such as it is, that there are many bloggers based on one side of the fence who make an effort on the other. So it is what it is, but I see little point in linking on my page here to bloggers who don’t interact here or with myself. Unless, you know, I’m keeping the link there for my own reference.

The upside of this, and the reason I’m posting this instead of just getting shit done behind the scenes like we all usually do – is that I figure it’s also time to update those blog links. So if you’re someone who is a part of this community, don’t already appear on my blog links on the sidebar, and would like me to add you, then let me know. I’d also ask that you add a link to this blog on your own. If you’re already on the sidebar, it’d be cool if you could add me if you haven’t already. Oh, and I’m also happy to add links to people in the book review circle that us painting/gaming geeks have crossed over with.

Obviously any of you who wish to update your own links with one another can thrash (or thresh) that out with one another in the comments here or anywhere else you’d like to.

23 thoughts on “It’s Bloggerin’ Time!

  1. Always good to have a tidy and clean when possible, even in the virtual world. It’s funny I was only thinking the other day when on another blog, if people actually check there blog lists or update them. My OCD means as soon as I find a blog I like I need to add it to my list, makes it easier to see when there’s a new post.
    Afraid I’m on the other platform but here’s the link

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  2. When I moved to self-hosting from, my traffic halted almost immediately and never picked up again. So weird. I got tired of writing for myself and just took it to facebook.

    It turned into a little community of crossover mini/traditional artists, which was pretty cool.

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  3. Yes, I’ve always found that divide annoying as well, and wish it didn’t exist. My husb and maintains a food blog on the other side of the divide and I find it rather a pain to interact with it, and wish he had just gone with WordPress. 😐

    Yes, that was quite a kettle of maggots Photobucket opened there awhile ago. I was relying on them a lot too across various sites. I unentangled them, as far as I can tell, from the Immaterium, but there are tons of other places out there I haven’t bothered with. Ugh. Best of lucks with your efforts in that direction.

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    • … and a post script: How I wish as a commentrix I could edit my original post! 🙂

      I like that “Friends of the Bitz Box” thing you do; I’m going to have to grab that widget for my own blog. Also, like cupcakesandmachetes it didn’t dawn on my rather old and slow mind, even though I’ve obviously visited your site often, that I could put a list of links to other blogs on my site, lol. Did you use the Links widget for that or something else, if you don’t mind sharing? I looked at the Links widget in WordPress and it seems a bit arcane to me somehow.

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      • I’m mostly in WordPress Reader view, so usually don’t see the site links, etc. I do really like the “Friends of the Bits Box” link though and might look for that sort of widget.

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      • I like it too and put it on my site as well. I believe it is called “My Community” in the widgets list.

        I usually do most of my reading through the WordPress Reader too, though sometimes I do go directly to the sites.

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  4. Man, that WordPress/Blogger divide has bothered me for years — especially that part where you can supposedly comment on Blogger using your WordPress ID, only it never works?! Unfortunately, with blogs being very much a retro format, I doubt those in power can be arsed to sort those things out, so we either have to live with it or we have to move to the supposedly greener pastures of social media (fat chance, as far as I am concerned).

    I also had to smile at the housekeeping/deleting links to dormant blogs bit, because I have been there so often, and in the end, I never have the heart to pull the trigger and delete the links, especially when the blogs in question used to mean a lot to me. *Sigh*

    In any case, keep up the fantastic job over here! 🙂

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    • I have installed Feedly on my phone which I can link to any blogging service, so now I can go there every so often to check out the efforts the other side of the rift.

      I know what you mean about struggling to cut old ties, esspecially if it’s a source that meant something to you but now the author has gone MIA rather than openly abandoning it. You can always live in hope that they might come back, a bit like an old friend who’s company you enjoyed a long time ago but you can’t get hold of… In the end for me it comes down to “how many years can I face the disappointment of their constant absence”. It’s very hard to stop trying or hoping.


  5. That reminds me, I need to get around to photographing and posting my Squaddie/Scenic September stuff. There’s actually quite a lot of it.

    And yeah, the Blogger/WordPress thing is really obnoxious. I had to go and set up a WordPress account that I only use for commenting to be able to do so easily.

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  6. This is a worthy goal and I cleaned out my followers list not too long ago with a similar perspective and it made WordPress Reader much handier and more enjoyable to use. I had never considered adding links to other sites I follow but it might be something worth looking into. Though truthfully, my humble site does not get a huge amount of visitors so I don’t know how many favors it would be doing anyone 🙂 I hope these changes don’t take you too much time and I will be looking forward to more updates in the near future as well!

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  7. I forgot about the blog rolls as I pretty much only use the mobile app. I hate to think how out of date mine is…
    The blog split is very frustrating though like others I set up a google account to post on blogspot. Now if only I could tell why some blogspot posts appear in my feed and not others?


  8. This post reminds me to get on updating my blog and adding a list of other cool blogs, including your’s of course! I’d be honored to be featured on you link list!
    As you and the others have said, the WP/Blogger divide is a real bummer. Following Blogger blogs is easy, at least with the WP reader, but commenting is often a hassle, and you don’t get notified if someone responds, which somewhat discourages interaction.


  9. This is good motivator and reminder that I really need to do a rehaul and tidy things up around my blog as well. Maybe before the new year starts I can finally get around to sprucing up my little corner of the blogosphere. 😛


  10. Hey buddy, it’s been a while (outside if my spiting on your projects via Twitter). It’s good to know your making some headway, that Photobucket thing was insane… We are quite latecomers on the scene so fortunately didn’t really get caught in that blast.

    Is your personal life normalising somewhat? I know you had to put up with some significant bumps in the road over the last 12 months, hope your keeping well.

    As far as our blog, any links you would have would still work but if you didn’t notice we did change the name of our blog by chucking some coins at it, so now we aren’t confusingly sharing the blog name with the blogs creator. We are now…

    Anyway it’s good to be in touch again, stuff has gotten really busy and I fins I’m spreading myself a bit thinner these days for better or for worse. Still feel like I need to refine my focus and priorities… Hard to focus on anything though with so little sleep, can’t wait for the kids to become more self sufficient and/or lazier so they stay in bed longer 😂


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