Zombicide “Rick” (Jason Statham as Chev Chelios from “Crank 2: High Voltage”and Angry Mary by Karl Kopinski

Zombicide Jason Statham as Chev Chelios from Crank 2, Angry Mary by Karl Kopinski

Orez and Marouda’s favourite survivors, ready for action.

A couple more Zombicide survivors today – the last two from the previous batch.

Zombicide Jason Statham as Chev Chelios from Crank 2, Angry Mary by Karl Kopinski

…and the results of a couple of unfortunate Zombie Spawn draws.

Zombicide figures are odd ducks. They have some really well done, subtle truescale details like the folds in clothing while at the same time often having soft details on faces and weapons. It’s a limitation of the PVC that they are made from, and while they’re pretty much the best boardgame models I’ve used or painted, I still don’t entirely enjoy painting them in the same way that I do with a metal, HIPS or resin model. Still, they get a lot of use on my tabletop, so if anything deserves to keep a priority rating in my painting (such as it is), then these figures do.

aka Jason Statham as Chev Chelios from Crank 2, Zombicide

Zombicide “Rick” and Zombivor version.

Rick” is a homage to Jason Statham as Chev Chelios from the 2009 Film “Crank 2: High Voltage“.

It seems that Statham’s outfit from Crank is a somewhat popular “costume” for people to wear. I guess it’s pretty flexible and a lot more subtle than going somewhere dressed as a Jedi. Turns out that in the second film, he had some fairly distinctive shoes because product placement. No matter to me, and as they have a look I can replicate on the model, so much the better

Angry Mary – a Karl Kopinski Original Survivor for Zombicide

Angry Mary is an original Zombicide survivor, from the Karl Kopinski guest artist box.

Mary is a popular character whenever one of us manages to draw her, and from our early games kind of defaulted to Marouda’s Zombpocalypse proxy, especially since Marouda managed to draw Angry Mary pretty regularly. So Mary has her combat boots painted as Marouda’s purple Doc Martens in a semi-subtle nod.

Mary’s black fatigues and gloves are pretty dark, though they are highlighted subtly, and in a way to preserve them being black as opposed to grey. I’m just not fond of the whole “shade to white” thing that’s very popular on my own models. Statham’s dark blue jacket gave me the same kind of difficulty. For a change, the photography seems to have picked both out decently.

13 thoughts on “Zombicide “Rick” (Jason Statham as Chev Chelios from “Crank 2: High Voltage”and Angry Mary by Karl Kopinski

  1. Love these two, Az! I find the Zombicide plastic fun, but you’re right it’s an odd mix of cool sculpted detail and rubbish casting. Makes it easier just to slap paint without worries, though! Especially like the skin tones here.

    Double plus agree on the ‘highlight to white’ trend, was just looking at some KD minis on CMoN and there were some decent paint jobs not rated well and equally decent paint jobs overrated…because they had that ridiculous trendy highlighting.

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    • Thanks Cash. They’re those kinds of figures that I enjoy finishing, but not so much painting. Not unique to Zombicide, I have to admit. Getting to (usually) add some kind of small fine detail or freehand is what saves them for me (well, that and using them regularly).
      Highlight to white (or almost white) can work well in some cases, and it’s not something I always dislike on other people’s work, but it’s just not something for me on my own models. (mostly!)


  2. You say you don’t enjoy painting these boardgame figures as much as regular miniatures but that certainly doesn’t show in the painting finish. Having figures like this must add to the enjoyment of the game for your players – it would for me. Great work!

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    • Painting them seems to sometimes be the kiss of death! We draw our survivors randomly, and there’s so bloody many of them now that we rarely seem to draw them once painted. One day after I finish the survivors, I’ll even have the zombies painted.


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    • Thanks Alex. I have to say that finding Reaper’s Demin Blue a year or two ago has been a real godsend for painting jeans and such. The AP Zombicide “Wasted Jeans” is a decent colour, but their official Zombicide paints are not especially nice to work with. A bit of a thick and blobby formulation, so better for base coats. Or applying with a trowel.

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