(A pair of) Mantic Zombies

Mantic Games Zombies


A couple of weekends ago, I was doing a little bit of procrastinating at my paint desk, trying to figure out what to work on. I spotted a pair of Mantic’s plastic Zombies, primed and based that have been floating around for bloody ages. I’m not sure when or why I initially assembled them, especially just as a pair. I haven’t been able to find any more of them either, though I have plenty on sprues. So this time, instead of shoving them to the side, I decided to speedpaint them.

Mantic Games Zombies

They wander here, they wander there…

It took just a couple of hours to get these painted. It helped a hell of a lot that they were already fully prepped, but still. Very easy to paint. I used some mixes of the usual wash colours to subtly influence the stain on the flesh tones, and then blended up the highlights post-wash. I kept the palette very simple, because Zombies. I went with dark grey rags to keep them in theme with Marouda’s Undead army scheme (dark grey standing in for black on these filthy creatures). Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God paint over Tamiya Clear Red, since BFTBG is easier to clean up.

Mantic Games Zombies

The only side of the zombies that you want to see…

Due to my (poor) photography skills, you can’t see the individual teeth that are picked out. I need to either get a better cheap camera or learn how to use my good camera properly. It’s taken me ages to actually paint any, but really I have to reiterate how good these HIPS Zombies from Mantic really are. These came up really well for so little time and effort. Now I want to paint up more of them. Gotta finish clearing the desk though, first.

These will obviously get used in Kings of War eventually, when I paint about a million of their mates. Obviously they’re useful for any Fantasy RPG. Age of Sigmar? Why not? (If I ever play it!). They might even provide some Walker action for Zombicide at some stage.