Necromunda! – Ratskin Scout (Neglected Model September ’18)

Necromunda Ratskin Scout With Shotgun 2

Another Neglected model found in a figure case towards the end of September was this Ratskin scout, from the original release of Necromunda back in the mid 1990s’. This model was released in 1995 or thereabouts, and is a Michael Perry sculpt.

Necromunda Ratskin Scout With Shotgun 2

I had of course painted about half of it, and basecoated about 95% of it, but when I got it out of the case, I decided to completely paint the skin in a more ruddy tone, repaint the pants from the dark green that they were in originally with a brown leathery colour, redo the browns on the boots, and then try to differentiate the human skin tones from the similarly ruddy tones I’d used on the skinned rat. So… almost everything, only retaining the rat fur and using the rest as base coats at best.

Necromunda Ratskin Scout With Shotgun 2

Once the model was complete and ready to be sprayed, it took a dive from the little tray I was carrying it on, necessitating a trip back inside to have the damage repaired (hair, shotgun, shoulder pad) Luckily it wasn’t too badly mangled and was fixable.

Necromunda Ratskin Scout With Shotgun 2

I also decided to give him some simple warpaint, though I kept it fairly minimal. Enough to suggest the Native American influence on this line of models, but also pretty generic and a bit reminiscent of American Football players’ greasepaint (yes, I know they wear black). There are some pretty amazing Native American face/war paint designs online, so I think that’s something I’ll definitely revisit in some form down the line.

19 thoughts on “Necromunda! – Ratskin Scout (Neglected Model September ’18)

  1. Excellent work, the skin tone is very native american, and the other colours compliment well with still being defined. There was another person back in the early 80’s that wore that face paint Adam Ant, looks a lot different now and is a wargamer in the south east of Britain

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  2. Yep, very nice! The whole colour scheme blends together well but with enough subtle variation between the different components! I’d have comfortably failed to get that right, so well done! The face paint really sets it off!


  3. The Ratskins are really cool sculpts. I particularly like them as someone from the US, where stuff drawing on Native American imagery is so often stereotyped to a ridiculous degree, but these are actually pretty good in that regard, being a subtle nod in that direction without outright misappropriating features or symbols of any particular group. Your paint job follows along similarly, doing a great job of evoking that aesthetic and characterizing this fighter without leaning on stereotypical imagery.

    That said, the purpose of the eye black worn by some athletes is to reduce the effect of glare from strong sunlight or stadium lights, so using white instead would probably be kind of counter-productive from a functional standpoint 😉

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  4. I think this is one of my favourite models in your collection. Starting off with a Perry sculpt I have always loved, giving it so much definition with just lots of different shades of brown has been very successful and is spot on for the character. I think the white stripes under the eyes make sense, because in the Underhive he will want more light to be reflected into his eyes to see better in the gloom.

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  5. Oh crap, Azazel’s doing Necromunda. Good thing I’ve gone back to trying to paint Dwarves this month! ;P

    Yea, I’ll say that’s a really nice mini all the way around. I like the colors you ended up using, though I’m sure you could have pulled it off with green pants just as well. The brown was smart though, as the pants look like crude leather. Will be interested to see what you do with some more freehand warpaints, if you decide to. I’m also curious to see what this guy would like matched up with a Wookie. Like an awesome apocalyptic/remote outworld team?


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