WarZone 1st Edition Warzone Cartel Special Agent: TG9510PB (Neglected Model September ’18)

WarZone 1st Edition Warzone Cartel Special Agent: TG9510PB, Heartbreaker Hobbies

Another WarZone 1st Edition model today – one of the four from the WarZone Cartel Special Agents pack. He is, of course a Neglected Model and has been touched up and had some aspects repainted to fit in with current-quality models. I’d have posted this a few days ago, but I’m still burnt out, so much so that I actually forgot that I hadn’t posted this model (and the one that’s the subject of tomorrow’s post, also.)

WarZone 1st Edition Warzone Cartel Special Agent: TG9510PB, Heartbreaker Hobbies

Once again, the model features nWo logo, the rationale behind this was that my force back in the day was nWo-branded Cybertronic, so it only made sense for the Cartel allies that I’d theoretically use to also feature the same iconography, for easy IFF on the tabletop. Updates to this model as part of Neglected September included patching up the chips that went to the bare metal, completely rebasing it, cleaning up and re-highlighting some parts of the jacket, and updating his hair from yellow-as-blonde, to a more realistic sandy colour (though it still looks a bit more yellowish in these pics than in hand).

22 thoughts on “WarZone 1st Edition Warzone Cartel Special Agent: TG9510PB (Neglected Model September ’18)

  1. Great camo pattern on the trousers, the lettering on the back is very crisp. Blonde hair can be tricky, bleach blonde is easier, but the hair you’ve done looks good

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    • Yeah, I have gotten a lot better at painting blonde hair over the last few years than I was back in the day. It doesn’t look yellow in hand, and the highlights are in a sandy blond shade, not the yellow that you see here.

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    • Thank you Alex. I ended up painting a lot of Auscam back in those days so I really got used to knocking it out while still making it look pretty decent. Glad to see that it still holds up today.

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  2. The sculpt makes him look sort of squashed, like his head’s been pushed down so his ears are level with his shoulders. Your paint on it looks good, tho. Excellent camo, and your lettering never fails to amaze me.

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    • These days?
      First up I really strongly recommend picking up the Blonde Triad of paints from Reaper Miniatures (Blonde Hair, Blonde Highlight, Blonde Shadow), plus Golden Blonde
      plus something like Vallejo Model Colour Pale Sand (837) and Citadel’s XV-88.
      At that point lay down a base coat with whatever mid-tones you want to use, then drybrush or carefully paint a couple of players of highlights (especially on edges), water down the XV-88 and use it as a paint wash, then re-highlight to taste.
      It’s kinda difficult to write more than that, but I might try to take some photos and do a simple tutorial on it next time I’m painting some blondes or blonds. Plenty more Vikings to come!

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      • I love VMC Pale Sand. Nice quality paint, and great for many things. I haven’t tried the Reaper triad.

        Generally I just experiment with hair, and haven’t been good about recording my results. It’s often really hit or miss for me. Which is why I should be even better about writing stuff down.


        • Aww man, I think I might have mistaken VMC Pale Sand for another color. I went to finish up painting some hair tonight…grabbed the pale sand, and nope, it was more white than yellow. Ended up repainting the whole thing Ushabti Bone, as I couldn’t figure out what color I used before. Note to self, take better notes.


    • I’ve been getting pretty good results from using Screaming Skull, and then washing with thinned down Army Painter Soft Tone. I don’t highlight after that, because it looks wrong with the Screaming Skull showing at full strength.

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  3. Sorry to hear about the burnout. Guess that happens, the last couple of months have been tough here as well. I’m working on some stuff, but I’m not sure that completing anything is going to happen really soon. On the plus side, there are 23 more days left in this month, and a lot could happen between now and then!

    Whew, your mini! Great job on getting him updated. I like the coat and the camo pattern. Camo is something I have to quit putting off at some point. Any particular insights on dealing with the paint chips? I’m guessing a brush on primer, and then trying your darnedest to match the existing color?


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