Wookiee Weekend! Star Wars Imperial Assault: Chewbacca

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca

The conclusion of Wookiee Weekend presents the most famous Wookiee of them all, Chewbacca. In fact, if you’re reading this blog and you don’t know who Chewbacca is, you’d better turn in your geek card immediately.

Given just how famous Chewie is, there are no shortage of quality film-accurate reference pics out there, so it was easy to get a good one to ensure maximum accuracy. Here he is relaxing and Being A Very Good Boy. Such A Good Boy!

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca

Jokes aside, it was important to check reference pics because while many of us may mentally picture Chewbacca as being one or two shades of brown – possibly through growing up with Hasbro or even Kenner Action figures – he’s actually got quite a distinct pattern with more variation in his fur colouration in most examples of the fursuit, though his hairstyle has changed from film to film slightly (Jedi, especially!) Since I wanted to do justice to the main Wookiee, I checked several references in order to get it reasonably right.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca

I actually started all of the latter four Wookiees after Gaarkhan at the same time, but the two nameless warriors were the first completed, so I could get a bit more practice in, then Chewie more than a week later, and finally Gaarkhan, just a couple of days ago. I changed the post order for the final two because, well, Chewie needs to be the big finish for any batch of Wookiees.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca, Drokkatta, Gaarkhan, Wookiee Warriors

As requested by Faust, here’s an all-Wookiee (dance) par-tay. (Luckily I was going to do it anyway!) Wouldn’t want this lot kicking in your door, that’s for bloody sure! The heroes get indoor/spaceship themed bases, while the Warriors get something a bit more appropriate for the forests of Kashyyyk. As you can see, I’ve given them all distinctive fur colouration (coats?) while following the art for the game-original heroes and photos for Chewie, and natural-looking variation for the two nameless ones.

42 thoughts on “Wookiee Weekend! Star Wars Imperial Assault: Chewbacca

    • There isn’t an official one, and none of the various fan suggestions seem to have caught on. Of the various possibilities suggested, a Pride of Wookiees sounds the best to me, but I’m also kind of partial to a Floof of Wookiees.

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    • I imagine it might depend on who you’re asking – a ‘pack’ if you’re Imperial, or a ‘pride’ if you’re on the Alliance side?

      Who am I kidding? It’s Star Wars. Some writer will have thought of that 15 years ago and come up with a ridiculous term that references Yoda or something.

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  1. The OG Wookie! Great job, too, instantly recognizable as Chewie.

    Man. You’d be spending a fortune on lint rollers with that lot around. I wonder how many of the Falcon’s mechanical problems ended up being caused by accumulations of Wookie fur?

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  2. Nice work, man! Love the lot of them, and they certainly play up to your strengths at painting fur. I had a look at images of Chewie, and didn’t realize he had such a distinctive fur pattern. Guess I chalked it up to different lighting, but I could definitely see it after you pointed it out. What did you do on the bowcaster? Looks like black with some grey highlights? That’s another one I would have got wrong without references.

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  3. Sweet work. Your Chewie looks very like the film versions, the effort you put into getting the brown tones right has paid off.

    My favourite Chewbacca moment is in Robot Chicken Star Wars, where he takes Han back to meet his family and they are all wearing normal clothes.

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