Wookiee Weekend! Star Wars Imperial Assault: Chewbacca

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca

The conclusion of Wookiee Weekend presents the most famous Wookiee of them all, Chewbacca. In fact, if you’re reading this blog and you don’t know who Chewbacca is, you’d better turn in your geek card immediately.

Given just how famous Chewie is, there are no shortage of quality film-accurate reference pics out there, so it was easy to get a good one to ensure maximum accuracy. Here he is relaxing and Being A Very Good Boy. Such A Good Boy!

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca

Jokes aside, it was important to check reference pics because while many of us may mentally picture Chewbacca as being one or two shades of brown – possibly through growing up with Hasbro or even Kenner Action figures – he’s actually got quite a distinct pattern with more variation in his fur colouration in most examples of the fursuit, though his hairstyle has changed from film to film slightly (Jedi, especially!) Since I wanted to do justice to the main Wookiee, I checked several references in order to get it reasonably right.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca

I actually started all of the latter four Wookiees after Gaarkhan at the same time, but the two nameless warriors were the first completed, so I could get a bit more practice in, then Chewie more than a week later, and finally Gaarkhan, just a couple of days ago. I changed the post order for the final two because, well, Chewie needs to be the big finish for any batch of Wookiees.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca, Drokkatta, Gaarkhan, Wookiee Warriors

As requested by Faust, here’s an all-Wookiee (dance) par-tay. (Luckily I was going to do it anyway!) Wouldn’t want this lot kicking in your door, that’s for bloody sure! The heroes get indoor/spaceship themed bases, while the Warriors get something a bit more appropriate for the forests of Kashyyyk. As you can see, I’ve given them all distinctive fur colouration (coats?) while following the art for the game-original heroes and photos for Chewie, and natural-looking variation for the two nameless ones.

Wookiee Weekend! Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk-ish Wookiee Grenadier

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk Wookiee Grenadier

Back to Imperial Assault briefly now. Today’s model is Drokkatta, the Steampunk-looking Wookiee player character Grenadier from the Heart of the Empire expansion, which is next on our groups list (after we finally get the last two core campaign missions completed!)

Drokkatta has darker fur than the other named Wookiees shown to date, and a kind of bundled dreadlock thing going with his …hair? Head-fur? So I attempted to reflect that while still maintaining some tonal variation.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk Wookiee Grenadier

Marouda will once again be playing the Wookiee when we start the next campaign, so she’ll have the role of Drokkatta, since for some reason she always wants to play as the Wookiee. That’s …fine. Doesn’t worry me. But it does mean that it gave me quite the bit of advance notice on which model to paint up, and so once again she’ll probably be the one with the painted model for most of the campaign before the other two PCs get painted up. I guess I can probably pick my own character sooner rather than later and get started on whoever that turns out to be…

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk Wookiee Grenadier

Looks like Drokkatta is all about grenades and pouches. And pouches and grenades. It’ll be a fair bit different to the close combat monster that Gaarkhan was.

…and yes, I’ve touched up that messy bottom of the base rim since taking the photos. It was bothering me, too!

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Wookiee Warriors

Star Wars Imperial Assault Wookiee Warriors

A nice, simple update today – just a pair of Wookiees from Imperial Assault. This pair work as a pair of player allies in the game in the campaign game, or a pair of troopers in the “vs” Miniatures Rules. We haven’t yet used them in any context, but I imagine they’d be rather nasty in melee.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Wookiee Warriors

There’s not a great deal to discuss here. After rebasing onto 32mm round bases (which they still manage to overhang in that pose) The paint was an interesting exercise as I wanted to create some interesting fur tones with some depth and variation, while making them distinct from one another as well as from Gaarkhan and …any other Wookiees I may have been painting at the time. *cough*

So I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. More practise on things like fur variation is never unwelcome for model painting, so there it is!

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Gaarkhan the Wookiee (Jewel of July ’18)

Firstly, how is it that the spell-checker doesn’t automatically recognise the word “Wookiee”? Crazy, I tells ya!

Anyway, as I’ve noted in one or two of the last few posts, we started playing Imperial Assault last week, and so with that as motivation, I started painting a few of the models. The models I chose were the three player characters that we’re using as well as a few others that come from different campaign boxes – The Royal Guards and their Champion were actually painted before we knew we were going to play the game, and the Imperial Probe Droid was also selected as something to paint before then (though it was misplaced/lost at the time we played).

Naturally the best laid plans of Mice and Men went astray, and I haven’t had time to complete either of the other two player characters, so we’ll be using some WotC prepaints instead tonight (you know, I forgot that I had those as nearly perfect proxies for most of this unpainted stuff until after our friends had gone home last week.

Marouda will be playing the role of Gaarkhan, since for some reason she always wants to play as the Wookiee. Pyrowave is playing as Jyn Odan (aka Girl Solo) and I’m playing as Fenn Signis (aka boring soldier guy with a rifle). Hopefully they’ll both be completed this weekend for next week’s prospective session.

I’m also scheduling this post so that it goes up too late for either Orez, who will be the Overlord or Pyrowave who is playing as Jyn to see – so the first time they see this model will be in person.

A reenactment from last week’s game. And the intro game. And probably tonight’s game.

As far as painting and modelling goes, I gave the Vibro-Axe a few more colours than shown on the art to make it a little more interesting, and also rebased Gaarkhan onto a 32mm Sector Imperialis base that didn’t feature any aquilas or other distinct 40k iconography. I’ll probably rebase the player character heroes, but I won’t rebase every single model. I’m still in two minds still about whether to rebase “hero villain” models – not stormtrooper commanders, but “named” Imperials and Scum.