Wookiee Weekend! Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk-ish Wookiee Grenadier

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk Wookiee Grenadier

Back to Imperial Assault briefly now. Today’s model is Drokkatta, the Steampunk-looking Wookiee player character Grenadier from the Heart of the Empire expansion, which is next on our groups list (after we finally get the last two core campaign missions completed!)

Drokkatta has darker fur than the other named Wookiees shown to date, and a kind of bundled dreadlock thing going with his …hair? Head-fur? So I attempted to reflect that while still maintaining some tonal variation.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk Wookiee Grenadier

Marouda will once again be playing the Wookiee when we start the next campaign, so she’ll have the role of Drokkatta, since for some reason she always wants to play as the Wookiee. That’s …fine. Doesn’t worry me. But it does mean that it gave me quite the bit of advance notice on which model to paint up, and so once again she’ll probably be the one with the painted model for most of the campaign before the other two PCs get painted up. I guess I can probably pick my own character sooner rather than later and get started on whoever that turns out to be…

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk Wookiee Grenadier

Looks like Drokkatta is all about grenades and pouches. And pouches and grenades. It’ll be a fair bit different to the close combat monster that Gaarkhan was.

…and yes, I’ve touched up that messy bottom of the base rim since taking the photos. It was bothering me, too!

28 thoughts on “Wookiee Weekend! Star Wars Imperial Assault: Drokkatta, Steampunk-ish Wookiee Grenadier

    • No Death Troopers in HotE sadly, just Riot Troopers who I haven’t even looked at yet, and Sentry Droids, who got the Hot Water treatment this afternoon..
      Death Troopers are in the newest one – Tyrants of Lothal, which I haven’t picked up yet. Not sure if it’s arrived locally at my preferred retailers yet.

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    • Could be. He’s got a bit of a flat face, and the detail’s not so sharp there because PVC. Wasn’t the funnest model ever to paint so I was happy to get it completed. 🙂


  1. Some more nice variation here. I think I might be tempted to go even further in differentiating Wookies by deviating from the fur colours we’ve seen and doing patterns based on various animals. The dreads kind of remind me of Lister from Red Dwarf in the painting, but not so much on the Model.

    The only place I get a steampunk vibe is his goggles, but he’s approaching Rob Liefield levels of straps and pouches.

    What did you do with the basing? It looks interesting, but none of these pics really have a good angle on it.

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    • You certainly could do that, but in this case I was keeping it to the artwork, and with the other pair of warriors, I was happy to keep them looking traditional yet slightly different to the heroes. The dreads on the model are basically fat sausages, so it is what it is. 🙂
      The base is just a 32mm GW diamond plate/aquila base painted in metal with some rust and oxide staining on it. It’s not super interesting, but fits better than the flat PVC thing he was attached to.


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