Neglected Model September ’18: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Personal Round-Up & September 2018 Painting Round-Up

The post title says it’s a two-few, but it’s technically a three-fer post. First up we’ve finally got the collection of Neglected Models that I managed to get done over the course of September. Not a bad collection of neglected figures in September, especially as they’re all individuals.

I also managed to finish this trio of Mantic Terrain Crate scenery just before the end of September. Usually I like to give things their own posts, and if I had a bit more terrain to show, then I’d put them together, but I’m not putting together a post for three sets of PVC mining tools on a rack.

Finally, we’ve got the September round-up post, with both the Monthly Challenge figures as well as everything else finished, including those Tool Racks. Regular readers will know that I just haven’t been feeling it lately, and so it took until last weekend before I took my own monthly round-up photos – but then there was naturally an issue with a model that was on a different shelf, so it took me until today to go out there and retake that photo.

With those last-minute took racks, I just squeaked in 30 models for September, continuing my personal 1-per-day-of-each-month “challenge”.

As for the running total, this 30 added to the 434 I had completed by the end of August takes me to 464 to date this year. October has been more challenging, but I’m just squeaking by so far due to more simple terrain bits and some unit painting. Those will be on show in a little while, though. Next up – The (belated) September Community Round-up.

25 thoughts on “Neglected Model September ’18: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Personal Round-Up & September 2018 Painting Round-Up

    • Turned out to be one of those non-break-breaks where you end up doing a bunch of shit around the house anyway and then on top of that some people won’t leave you the fuck alone. Having friends over a few times is one thing, but unfortunately a lot of other people see a period where you’re not at work to mean the perfect opportunity for you to do things for them….

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      • I know what you mean. When I retired people assumed I had nothing to do and would get involved with running this that and the other. I explained in no uncertain terms that retirement was now my time do what I wanted to do first and foremost so thanks but no thanks! Reduced my social circle a little but not my true friends.

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      • Yeah. I’m often good at doing the same. Unfortunately with some people it’s not always an option. :/ Looking forward to finally having a break come Christmas, though.
        What’s that saying?
        Hell is other people!

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    • Thanks Alex. At this point I think I’m just going to have to tap into my endless reservoir of anger and power through until after the days following Christmas – then go dark for a week or two.

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  1. Good effort. Even if I don’t complete my 3 models I started last night before you finished the community round up (sooo unlikely)… At least I actually applied some paint to them last night thanks to you. So cheers.

    Well done for retaking all those photos too 😉

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  2. Great round up! Well done photo-shopping your minis so they look like they’re standing next to those real crates! You’re still managing to get quite a bit done so hope your feeling more yourself soon. We could always have a No-Figures November challenge to give you a break – I could easily meet that challenge!

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    • That’s the funny thing, really. If they were real the wood planks and panels would be so much *less* defined, and the things would be a league duller in terms of paint, contrast and pop.
      Couldn’t do it for November, though. I’m on a self-driven mission to get a figure done for each day of each month, every month – so I have to give myself these targets to keep it interesting and the motivation up!

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  3. Nice work! Looks like I might have missed a posts or two, having a hard time trying to keep up with them all.

    Anywho, nice paints and output. The more mundane ones really catch my eye. Like the bales of hay (likely first painted hay mini I’ve seen!), the tools racks, the crates. The Wookiee’s are awesome and I don’t think I would ever like a Ratskin mini, but you turned that around!

    Also, thanks again for these mini challenges. It’s been helping to push me along and hopefully get something done before the end of the month.

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    • I did my best to make it up to you in October, by barely posting at all!
      Hay isn’t something I’ve often seen before. Mostly people use cut off bits of straw mat (which does work well!) Welcome on the challenges, and I appreciate the thoughts!

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  4. Ditto on Faust’s comments. Getting ready for BARRAGE definitely kept me from getting my September models from getting completed (ah, but they should make it to October, plus I recruited Buck to join the gang so that’s a plus). Hell, Buck already got his October painting in and posted he’s working like 100 hours a week. Makes me realize how quick you and he are (or additionally how slow I am).

    Nice output from you for September! Hope you are on the mend.

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    • I haven’t properly looked at your Kangaroos yet – (just on my phone, and there’s too much there to cover that post from my phone). It’s a bit of a crazy time trying to paint & post up my own stuff since I really didn’t want to fail on my monthly model minimum, catch up on my own comments and then go and read & comment on everyone else’s stuff. I feel like I’m a couple of months behind.
      Probably because I am!
      Great of you to get Buck on board. There was a false start there at one point, so glad to have him posting and joining in on the challenges now. 🙂

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