Necromunda ’95! – Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick (Jewel of July)

Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick

Necromunda Again? I swear, these posts are like Buses… When I finally found my Necromunda case recently (too late for Faust, sadly.. /pours a 40), one of the models within – along with those two Delaque) was my other Ratskin Scout. Clearly the other one from the single blister I’d have bought. Like his mate, he’d been part-painted for 20 years, so I finished him off.

Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick

Pants and boots got a total repaint, skin got all of the work beyond the base coat, weapon was completed in the original coppery scheme. Not too much was needed, though – and the process was more a matter of making myself concentrate on it than enjoying it or disliking it. It was just a job to finish this one. Now he’s done, and I’m satisfied. So another small victory.

Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick, Ratskin Scout with Shotgun

And here he is, alongside his little mate. I turns out that I did in fact buy the gang box. So there’ll be more Ratskins to come in the future. After I complete all the other half-done Necromunda models from the 1990’s, anyway!

26 thoughts on “Necromunda ’95! – Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick (Jewel of July)

  1. Very nice! I always had a bit of a soft spot for the ratskins, even though the “Native Americans in spaaace” thing was a bit forced. Hopefully they’ll go back to them at some point and redo them as something a bit more rounded and nuanced. Still cool models though 🙂

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    • I didn’t mind the cultural reference somuch, though I thought back then that the “ratskins” thing was a touch on the nose. I guess it’s about rats in the underhive and the wastes rather than dogs or wolves or bears or buffalo, but it’s still a little whiffy. Still, for GW (especially at that time) it was pretty rate to see models depicted as anything but white Europeans in space, even going so far as to retcon the Salamanders from having African-style dark skin to actual black skin.

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    • Thank you, Dave. I reckon this is going to be one of the more fun little projects as I slowly work my way through the box I found. I just …shouldn’t start on new Ratskins. Not until I at least finish my Diggas…

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    • I think Squaddie September will be a good time for my Necromunda collection. Though I’ve got some updates that should trickle out in August as well. SO happy I finally found that figure case.. 😀

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    • Hahah , well how ironic it is that most of my “new” models that I post tend to be boardgame models rather than the large, cool wagame models that I’d like to paint. The one that just went up a few hours early is only a couple of years old, at least!

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  2. Nice work on this latest scout! These are cool little sculpts and as someone who never liked the Skaven, I find a mini wearing the ratskin around to be pretty endearing in a weird way haha!

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    • Thanks mate. I’m actually quite feeling like getting to work on the boxed Ratskins gang I found in storage. I really should finish a whole bunch of other models first before starting those, though…


  3. Lovely warm skin tones on these, great stuff. Glad to hear you’ve got more to come! None of the new Necromunda stuff has really grabbed me so far, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with these guys with the benefit of 20-ish years’ hindsight.


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