WHFB Dwarf Lord with 2-Handed Axe (Colin Dixon? 2000’s) (Neglected Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19)

WHFB Dwarf Lord with 2-Handed Axe, Colin Dixon? 2000's

Here’s a long-Neglected model that the completion of the three Dwarf crewmen the other day springboarded me to finally completing. I bought this one when it came out, back in 2000-something. (I can’t find it in the catalogues, and can’t be arsed scouring through my old White Dwarf magazines).. It’s a model that looked good in the White Dwarf, but was not fun at all to paint. There’s a lot of busy detail on the thing, and especially so while painting – so it did what so many other models have done. It sat in a box/tub/etc for over a decade, started but unloved and unfinished.

WHFB Dwarf Lord with 2-Handed Axe, Colin Dixon? 2000's

So nothing fancy here. I was motivated to paint a dwarf or two after completing the aforementioned crew, and so I used that to complete this model. Opening up Orctober to Slayers-of-Orcs also gave me a bit of extra motivation in some ways, but I mean, it was well Neglected regardless. So it was going to count on completion regardless. Not a bad model once done. Gluing that axe onto it makes a big difference, I’ll certainly say! Most importantly – done, done and onto the next one!

21 thoughts on “WHFB Dwarf Lord with 2-Handed Axe (Colin Dixon? 2000’s) (Neglected Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19)

  1. Looks good, despite not wanting to get to it. I quite enjoyed painting this one, but the fact that it was coming after doing like 20 of the turn-of-the-century basic Dwarf Warriors probably had something to do with that. Getting stuck into something with a lot of crisp detail was a very nice change at that point.

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  2. This guy is a classic for sure! I remember dwarf models from this era very well and this guy and the dwarf king being carried on a shield are two that I always thought looked really cool. Kind of a bummer I never picked them up though if this guy is a pain to paint than maybe I can get over it! I think you did a nice job differentiating the various metal parts and keeping everything looking distinct. This dwarf lord should look great leading any group of dwarves in battle too!

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  3. Just a small (and late) addendum to this post, since this guy jumped out at me from the pages of an old WD when I recently browsed through my collection of back issues: He was released back in January 2001, along with a major Dwarf release.

    Personally, I think the covered face is a missed opportunity on the sculptor’s part, but you’ve done a fantastic job with the paintjob, as per 😉


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