WAAAAGH! Pt.18: Ork Big Gun Kannons (2001) (Mechanismo May ’19)

Ork Big Gun Kannons (2001)

Following on from the last post, which featured a pair of artillery pieces on desert bases, today we have a pair of artillery pieces on desert bases! Of course, there are more than a few differences between the two pair. With my 40k Ork force being (nominally, at least) based on Blood Axes in that they have a military-ish desert theme running throughout – which is why they also have rough-looking Imperial-style numerals painted on them.

Ork Big Gun Kannons (2001)

I’ve had these on the go for quite some time, having picked them up from…. I’d guess eBay, as they were both second-hand and acquired separately. (And both missing the fittings sprue) – but one problem I always had with them was the basing issue – basically what to do with them. I wanted to have them based, but also wanted to ensure that they could be used on a wide variety of terrain, and particularly butted up against fortifications. Eventually, I figured out the (obvious) solution – Magnets!

Ork Big Gun Kannons (2001)

As one can see, this solved the problem quite nicely. and so the finished models can sit on their textured bases on the battlefield, and they can also be removed if and when needed to be placed behind cover, on fortifications and anywhere else those 60mm bases become an awkward issue.

Ork Big Gun Kannons (2001)

Here’s one of them with the pair of crew-grots I finished in April – amazingly, these two are even the proper crew for this artillery piece! The main problem here is that Ork artillery now have 5 (or is it 6?) crew each, so even with another pair of crew coming soon, my models will still be a mile behind the current ruleset. I guess 40k snotling or even fantasy goblin proxies will be the order of the day!

26 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.18: Ork Big Gun Kannons (2001) (Mechanismo May ’19)

  1. Very nice! Like the numbers – in my experience, things like hastily applied, roughly daubed numbers and markings are harder to paint than “proper” ones! Now if you’d used the magnets on your DAK 88s you could have swapped in German crew on these for some nice super-heavy FoW artillery!

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    • Sturmtiger cannons for everyone! I know what you mean about painting the hastily of hand-daubed markings – it’s not making them wonky, but making them look *realistically* wonky that’s the trick!

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  2. Wonderful use of the magnets – I always am impressed when someone takes the extra step in making a model work for a game by making them easier for play. Kudos.

    Love the desert theme as well – wonder if orcs or goblins get sunburned?

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    • Well, the Orks would never admit to it, but maybe some shade umbrellas for the artillery Grots will be a future project?
      The magnets were the thing that finally got me over my painter’s block and let me finish these two. I still need to find where I put/left my other Orky artillery pieces.

      …and then paint a shitton of grot crew for them all!

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      • I tried to find some 1:35 scale ones right after the last comment, but there only seems to be one kit out there, that’s rather expensive and hard to get hold of. 😦

        Others are WAY too small, being HO and related for train sets and such. I want big, silly-looking (camo, sometimes) beach umbrellas for my grots!

        Maybe sometime down the line when I get a 3D printer? This army’s been on the active, paint-progress go since 2005, so they’ll probably still be in progress when 3D printers become cheaper, better and simpler to use…


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