WAAAAGH! Pt.19: Gretchin Grot Loaders/Splatta Kannon crew (Alan Perry, 1994?) (Neglected Model June ’19)

Gretchin Splatta Kannon crew, Alan Perry

Another pair of half-painted Grots got completed last month! This pair come from the Splatta Kannon model, which I have around here somewhere, and if I ever do find it, I’ll endeavour to get that completed as well. This pair were sculpted by Alan Perry, who did quite a good facsimile of Kev Adams’ style with these two.

Gretchin Splatta Kannon crew, Alan Perry

Their rear views are pretty unexciting, and the photo shows the cloth that they’re wearing overly-contrasted (no Contrast Paint on these two, though!) The rationale for their clothing being so plain is because I want them to fit in with the overall “desert scavenger” look that the rest of the force has, though I also feel that the Orks would have taken all of the camoflague cloth for their own clothing, leaving the grots with the plainer stuff…

Ork Kannons, Mantic BattleZones Bunker

For now, both artillery pieces will have to make do with a pair of crew – like they used to have – rather then the five(?) each that they have now. Here’s a shot of them, sans artillery bases on the Mantic BattleZones Bunker I finished a little while ago.

Ork Kannons

And to finish – the glamour shot of both crew-so-far with their Kannons, finished in May!

20 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.19: Gretchin Grot Loaders/Splatta Kannon crew (Alan Perry, 1994?) (Neglected Model June ’19)

  1. These look fantastic, mate! I love these old models and the picture of them on the terrain is really amazing. I also really like the color combination on the base and their clothing. It looks great and avoids being too samey despite the similar tones. As I often say, keep the updates coming! 🙂

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    • Thank you. I did struggle a bit in finding the right brown-tones for the two grots to keep them distinct and different while also keepin them both distinct from the base. Luckily there was enough brown to go round!

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  2. Good stuff! The Perrys have always done really solid work, and you’ve done a good job painting them up.

    The Grots sort of do have camo. It’s just done with mismatched patches and grease stains!

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    • Hahah, yep that’s what passes for Grot Camo. It’s also how I plan to make The Red Gobbo and his little entourage stand out later on down the line.
      The Perrys have done some corkers, but they did have some missteps with some of the other gobbo crew they did from the same era. I think it was (one of) the Perrys. I’ll have to check. The one holding the giant shifter spanner just looks awkward. These ones look like Kev could have sculpted them, though!

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    • Thanks mate. I don’t mind the newer models, they just suffer from the “everything looks alike” problem than a lot of the new plastics have for an army like Orks, especially when those are the only kits on offer. Still love these old models, though! 🙂

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