Mantic Terrain Crate/BattleZones …staircase? (June ’19 Terrain Challenge)

Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones, House Escher Necromunda Original

Yep, well, it’s not the world’s most exciting terrain piece, but it’s something with solid use, both in terms of gameplay as well as making table setups look a bit more …right. As you can see, they’re quite good for practical use. Those Escher models are also the old-school metals, so as long as the figures can balance towards the middle of their bases, they should be right due to the design of the stairs allowing for bases to “nest” underneath them.

Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones

It’s a simple combination of two “triangle” pieces, as well as two “stair” pieces, glued side-by-side to make the staircase a little wider and more accessible to 32mm and 40mm bases. It was a bit of an trial piece to see if I should do more of the same type of thing

Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones

Here it is alongside the Mantic Terrain Crate Bunker I completed a couple of months ago. Because of the fairly small footprint, it can also be placed on top of other pieces to connect them to even higher levels, which I think will become more useful as I complete more pieces of scenery. I’m not sure how many more of the staircase pieces I have, and as I said, this did take two of them. So… Whattaya think? Should I put together another couple of these, or should I save the parts for more permanently integrated terrain pieces?

21 thoughts on “Mantic Terrain Crate/BattleZones …staircase? (June ’19 Terrain Challenge)

  1. Nice work on something that you can use for multiple games. I guess my recommendations would depend on whether you were going for a scenario creation where a big piece is important, or going for a piece that was fungible enough for multiple uses in multiple games. Both are legit. In my experience, anytime you get the tabletop some verticality, its a winner. As in this piece!

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    • Yeah, I’m really just knocking together things in the hope that they look good and can be useful for gaming at this point, rather than building things for specific use. Well, aside from integrating with on another.

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  2. Looking good mate – I’d probably build more the same if I were you, and then design any big pieces of terrain with gaps to place the staircase whole rather than permanently fit them… does that make sense? 🙄

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    • It does.. though an integrated set would be able to go in without the side supports for a very different look. I might just have to go out there and clip off all the stairs I can find from my Mantic terrain tubs. If I can do (if I’m lucky) three or (unlikely) more sets, then I’ll build two more of these and leave the other parts for integrated ones. If I can only find two.. I’ll figure it out then.

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  3. I know what you mean about mundane subject matter for terrain as I recently painted a ladder for Goblin Town but this looks like a handy piece of kit and the way you’ve painted up is fantastic. The weathering is really nicely done.

    Also, big thanks for the link to our mutual Kiwi friend 😉 I’ll be doing some reading in the near future thanks to you!

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    • Thanks John. It’s a good kit with those steps already laid out – maybe I’ll do a WIP breakdown as I build the next one(s). Credit to Mantic for a good design. All I did aside from painting was widen them by gluing two together – and they’re designed in a way that doing so is super easy anyway!

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  4. A set of stairs that you can actually place minis on at any point up the staircase is pretty exciting to me. I’ve had quite a number of frustrating experiences over the years with having to remember that certain Models were halfway up or down a staircase or ladder. That’s a really cool terrain option to have!

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    • I’ll have to see what bits and pieces the Mantic Kits come with so I can work out if it’s feasable ot create a little “landing” before the steps go up another level… I know your pain on the “halfway up a ladder” problem from many games of Necro in the dim, dark past..

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      • I’ve been thinking since I first got the kits about something that could hook into the ladders on the Sector Mechanicus Terrain and hold a Model at any given height. Never got around to more than conceptual speculation, tho.

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      • For ladders, you’d need a little caddy that could hold a figure while hooking onto the ladder. These stairs only work because they’re designed to let the base go prety far under the next stair – which is why most miniature staurs don’t.


      • Yeah, I was thinking a little platform or basket or something, but still bigger than the bases I wanted to be able to use it, and then some way to hook it on to those ladders solidly enough.

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    • Yep, a sort of Z (ish) shaped piece with a hook on top and a tiny little railing on the bottom platform for stability/prevent sliding. I think the practical solution there is going to be 3d printing. A pretty basic design is all that’s needed (though people could get funky with Aquilas and such) and then find it on Thingiverse. There are quite a few people over there making 40k-ish designs. Surely some of them would do requests and look into gaming aids…

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