January Painting Round-Up

This is the first of what will (hopefully!) be a regular series of monthly round-ups of what I’ve painted over any given month. Idea inspired by Davekay’s “painting tray” and the need to do round-up for Decembuary, and the fact that I’ve not been great with my written list this year.

January is usually a productive month for me when it comes to painting. Summer means ease of spraying, time off work, and long hours of natural light. While there are a whole lot of figures here, it’s also important to remember that these are figures finished – not started AND finished (though some of them are that as well). You know how that goes. Some of these were started more than a decade ago. Still, 58 figures (by my rushed count as I type this before work) Not too shabby. Though I think I’m missing a plaguebearer there…


30 thoughts on “January Painting Round-Up

  1. That’s a pretty impressive total and some nice minis finished! For all of the exact opposite reasons, getting anything painted, let alone varnished and photographed in daylight here in the UK in January is tricky. That’s why I’m only 50 (!) figures behind you for the month! That said, we had a sunny day over the weekend with no wind or rain, so that helped – not sure when the next day like that will come along!

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    • Swings and (weather) roundabouts, I guess. When winter hits here I’m often waiting a week or more for the weather to be warm and dry enough (when I’m not at work) so I can spray prime or basecoat (to start models) or spray varnish to finish them. I barely get to do mid-paint spray clear acrylic (to protect the stages) at all – so I know how you feel about the amazing value of a nice sunny winter day.
      Gotta take advantage of summer as much as I can!

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    • Thanks, IRO. The secret (for me) is often to focus on finishing stuff up rather than “start-to-finish”. It’s SO easy to start on new models, but then harder to complete them. Then again, having a lot started means when you get back to them, a lot of the work is already done. That’s the 9 Mentors, 3 Barbarians and 3 Vikings out of that lot, plus 10 Lions started at the end of January.

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    • Thank you, Pete. I probably wouldn’t call the 24 Fortune & Glory Boardgame minis “quality”, but they’re good enough to pass muster on the boardgame table at least…


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