Mentor Legion #3 – Tactical Squad III-1

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

Here’s the next part-painted Squad element of my Mentor Legion. Like the previous models shown, this trio is part of II Company, but this time III Squad.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

Of course, with 7 members of the squad missing, these guys are much less impressive, but the important thing is they they got painted and completed – finally.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

While I could theoretically combine the two and run them as a single squad (with another proxy thrown in), I think I’ll just get both squads done properly before I let them hit the table. Ordinarily I wouldn’t even show off a trio of Space Marines like this, but… well, tomorrow will explain it.

22 thoughts on “Mentor Legion #3 – Tactical Squad III-1

  1. G’day mate I couldn’t find an email on your page so I thought I’d comment again. I have a question. Ive accidentally used “gloss” nuln oil instead of matte. Can I go over the gloss with matte and will it darlen the mini too much if I do? Cheers man.

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    • Yeah, that’s what I was trying for with that one. Of course with only the initial 3rd ed plastics available at the time (and that metal bodied trooper) it was a little tricky. The remainder of these two squads and the Assault guys will be my original Mentors so limited in their models. After that, new squads will be much more wide open with options. 🙂


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