Fembruary Painting Challenge

Alex over at Leadballoony has come up with another February painting challenge. That being Fembruary. Because Femme.

Rather than paraphasing Alex, I’ll just quote him here verbatim:

Now, challenge time… It is an increasingly congested market at the moment – it’s a challenge keeping up with all the challenges! But… I am issuing the call to all WIPsters and hipsters, painters of hammers old and new, Inq28ers, collectors and gamers. Dear reader, no doubt you have heard of Orctober, Deadcember, Slaanuary, and all the various themed months of the year… I would like to propose that we add Fembruary to the list – a time of year for us to collectively challenge the male domination of our collections, and commit to painting some female miniatures for a change… Sisters of Battle and/or Silence, Witch Elves, Sorceresses, Inquisitrixes, Escher gangers, Daemonettes and Shield Maidens – whatever female minis you have on the to-do list, I challenge you to bump them to number one in the queue for the month and get some paint on ‘em… Let’s do something cool ok? Ok???  Ok.

I’ve decided that this year (for the time being at least), I’ll participate in as many painting challenges as I can so long as they also intersect with my own painting goals for the year and are potentially doable in the timeframe. I’ve got enough backlog that I might be able to pull it off. We’ll see.

This slightly awful photo shows my entries. 3 Escher that have been rebased for the current era, and need to have some other bits and pieces updated. 3 more Escher that have also been rebased, but were never completed, and (if I have time) a Dark Elf Sorceress (who had her silly-looking OTT staff topper replaced by a skull).

The next few days will probably have daily posts. I’ve got a bit of other Jan stuff to post up that I haven’t had time to do and then a personal January wrap-up, a Decem-buary group final wrap-up, and a (theoretical) entry for something called Squaduary.

Oh, and Ann! Becky’s a girl, right? 😉