Mentor Legion #4 – Assault Squad V-1

Mentor Legion Assault Marines, Mentors, 2nd Edition Metal Space Marines

As with my previous Mentor Legion squad posts, this one shows off a couple of finally-completed members of a squad that otherwise remains unfinished, with a lot of work to come. Both of these models are 2nd Edition metal-bodied marine models, with 3rd edition arms and plasma pistols added. The mohawked marine is the second of the two metal “Veteran Sergeant” assault marine models, though I’ve grafted a chainsword onto his grenade-throwing hand, and I’m just using him as a plasma-armed assault grunt here. Because that plastic power fist from the 2nd edition sprue just looked like shit on him when I was dry-fitting it all those years ago.

Mentor Legion Assault Marines, Mentors, 2nd Edition Metal Space Marines

They’re being shown off here as part of Neglected Model February, as that’s what this pair has been for many years. Nominally “finished” quite a few years ago aside from their Chapter Badge, they’ve recently been rebased onto 32mm bases, touched up (both chipped paint and a few details improved) and had custom 3D-printed chapter badges added, so now, after many years of neglect, they’re done.

Mentor Legion Assault Marines, Mentors, 2nd Edition Metal Space Marines

Of course, there’s still quite a lot more of their brethren to be completed, and the other Assault Marines are in quite the unfinished state. Not only on 25mm bases, but missing arms and with little more than base coats added with little to no highlighting or shading. Now those figures are going to be a lot of work.

Mentor Legion Assault Marines, Mentors, 2nd Edition Metal Space Marines

There are some more neglected Mentors to come in the next few days, not to mention my Fembruary wrap-up. Stay tuned for Daily Posts for the next few!

13 thoughts on “Mentor Legion #4 – Assault Squad V-1

  1. Dude, that is so funny…I have the EXACT same ‘Mohawk Sergeant’ and I put the EXACT same chainsword on his grenade fist, and it too sits just a little bit off-kilter. I immediately recognized it by the way the sword sits in his hand! I’ll have to take a pic of that guy to prove it!

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    • Thanks! I’m hoping to get these guys up to speed this year – certainly the hope is to get all of the half-finished models from this force done. Once that’s over I can consider adding some new models to it and see how well I can match and improve on the original work on them.


  2. The first question that pops into my mind is “How did he use so much white without the models looking unfinished?!”. Nice work, and like the rationale behind the changes you made.

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    • Thank you! White is a pain in the arse to paint – but I find that keeping it properly solid and opaque (primer isn’t usually 100% solidly white over the whole model), and then making sure to shade both the soft and hard edges in a way that’s not overwhelming but makes it obvious that it’s supposed to be like that.

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