Small Scenics: Uruk-Hai Siege Ladders and an Old Unknown Grave

One of my small-scale scenic updates today – some things that have been in my “quick and easy to-do” pile for an embarrassingly long time – years in fact.

Citadel Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai Siege Ladder

One Siege Ladder

First up we have the Siege Ladders that came with Citadel’s Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai Siege Troops set. I’ve never actually purchased one of these sets off the shelf, but I’ve picked up a fair few random bits of it from eBay and other secondhand sources  over the years in excess of a full box.

Several Siege Ladders

Citadel Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai Siege Ladder

Simple as they are, they’ve long been in my “yeah, I should knock those out” pile, but as they’re pretty unimportant unless you happen to be playing a siege scenario, they’re pretty easy to forget about as well.

An unknown warrior’s grave, from an unknown manufacturer.

This grave has been in my collection for more than 20 years now, acquired with some random bunch of things from somewhere, probably from Dave M. Until last year it had the same rough brown basecoat over the “dirt” and black over the headstone and other bits. I’m not who the manufacturer is? Ral Partha or RAFM or Grenadier? Something like that, no doubt, and probably part of a set, long broken up.

A mystery grave from the 1980’s or 1990’s.

Last year I finally glued it down to a Renedra cavalry base and added some PVA around the edges, but it got put away when I cleared the decks for the December Paint Challenge. The other day, while looking for simple undead things to complete I spied it in one of my tubs of half-painted models from the clear-up, and grabbed it out, and then gave it the little bit of work it needed for completion. I chose to paint the bits with a subtle nod to the undead army I’ve been painting. Metal and rust and brass and verdigris and reddish browns.

2017 updates:

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If you liked the grave, check out this post.

12 thoughts on “Small Scenics: Uruk-Hai Siege Ladders and an Old Unknown Grave

    • Thanks mate – I was thinking this morning on my way to work about how incredibly easy it would be to make more – there’s not a lot to them, after all! So I’ll theoretically get around to making some more when I do the Graveyard scenery. 🙂

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  1. I love the grave base. It really tells a story: It has some mystery surounding it given the grave is unnamed and one can only wonder who placed these artifacts on it. An old friend, fighting along his brother in arms, only to lie down his sword and armour to show anyone coming past what kind of man lies here? In addition it is very versatile: It can be used as a mission objective, random decoration for the gaming table or even as part of a unit, to make it more like a mini diorama. I also like the weathered metal look. I think you should indeed make more of those if you have random bits lying around.

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    • Thanks for the very kind words. I’ve got no end of plastic and metal shields accumulated over the years. I might make a weekend project of it sometime in the future with Marouda, after the current painting challenge is completed. I’ll just have to find what I did with those bloody Renedra cavalry bases! Good idea to use it as a unit filler as well – I have to admit that it hadn’t occurred to me to do so!


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