Warriors of Minas Tirith – Archers (again!) (6-Month Tale of Gamers Challenge)


A pretty inconsequential update today. I haven’t spent much time online over the last week or so, as I’ve been making some changes to the War Room which involved a lot of cleanup and turfing old stuff, and a sizable donation of old hardware and software to a local retrogamers’ group. I’ll show the room changes off later on. Probably. This update is simply about documenting another unit completed for the monthly challenge – this one finished at the end of March (see, I’ve been slow at updating!)

I didn’t actually paint all of these guys this last month, but due to the rules of the painting challenge – it’s about completing units – which can be finishing off a whole unit of models that only need 2 more hours work on them, or (as in this case) painting two models needed to complete a unit where all of the mother models are already done.

More Warriors of Minas Tirith Archers

I noticed yesterday while learning to play SAGA that I have another unit that only needs either two more spearmen or a command pair added to complete it as well. That one’s getting bumped to the front of the queue for April!

A lone Moria Goblin

This guy is just here since he’s a repair and complete job, and I wanted to document him and forget about him. It’s either a Foundry or Warlord metal spear in place of his broken plastic one. I’ll sort him out into a unit later. Perhaps in the second half of 2016? I’ve got 12 or 13 sprues of Moria goblins to paint, plus a few metals – so reasonably achievable to complete with a concerted effort. Oh yeah. Plus trolls.