Awesome August ’19: Community Painting Challenge

One of these four models does not qualify! Stay tuned to see which one!

Something a bit the same as Jewel of July, but also slightly different for August. My original paining challenge plans for 2019 have been shifted around a little over a few of the last few months, and I originally had August pencilled in as a Neglected Models month, but we just had that with June. As it happens, IRO, aka Imperialrebelork requested/suggested “Augmented August”, where people would “Build something bigger and better than its original design or paint something cooler than its original design.” Now, believe it or not, my time, energy and ability to do either of those things is actually quite limited at the moment, and obviously I want a challenge that’s achievable for me in order to motivate me to Get More Shit Done. But.. IRO’s idea is a good one.

I was quite proud of this one when I finished it!

So I’ve decided on Awesome August – where the objective is to convert or paint (or both) something really bloody cool. Ideally, this would be a larger-than-normal model – hence the “Awesome” – because size matters this month. If you’re a fan of tanks, as a few of the regulars here are, it’s time for a Tiger or Jagdtiger or KV-2 at minimum, but really, a Maus or Konigstiger or T28 or one of the big IS-series tanks. For 40k players, skip the Rhino variants and get the Russ or Land Raider done – or better yet, that Baneblade (or Knight/(bio)titan/etc).

I don’t have a historical tank large enough to act as an illustration for this month’s challenge completed. So this 40k Dreadnought will have to do!

Monsters, Mammoths and Mûmakil. Dreadnoughts and Giants. You get the idea by now. Get your big shit painted. Nobody smaller than an Ogre need apply!


I feel like someone might need a very slight touch-up for 2019.

If you really prefer to skip the biggies – that normal sized model that you’ve (ideally) done a job that you’re proud of converting or kitbashing, painted to the best of your ability. Remember, it’s not a competition – it’s a showcase – so your only competitor is yourself.

Big doesn’t only come in 40k or Warhammer flavours!

So, the TL:DR is that August’s challenge is to complete something big. Ideally, really big. Or something small that’s ideally converted – and painted really well by your own standards.

‘cos it’s not a bloody competition, mate – is it?

– please DO REMEMBER TO LINK to this post when you finish something that you want counted in the round-up – because I WILL forget your post otherwise. It happens every single month. Also, if you’re doing the Jewel of July ’19 Community Painting Challenge, be sure and link your finished units over there. There’s still a week left to paint! (and a week or so grace period to varnish, photograph, post and link your models.)

57 thoughts on “Awesome August ’19: Community Painting Challenge

  1. None of the 40K stuff I have on the go right now really qualifies. But. For my birthday, I got a 28mm-scale Vulture/Mad Dog BattleMech. I’ve got it mostly built at this point, and if I can get enough of the Nurgle stuff done in time, I may well be able to get that painted by the end of August, since it’s big, but it’s a relatively simple Model compared to something like an Imperial Knight.

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      • Well, your suggestion’s sound, but having done nowt in July, I’d rather not continue that into August! 🙂 It’s not quite true that I’ve done nothing, it’s just that I’ve been cleaning, basing and priming stuff to do over the coming year, so it doesn’t look like progress but it is really!

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      • Well, given where you live, it does make sense. Priming’s not easy in poor weather, after all! I do hope you manage to get something done though – it’s always a treat to see what you come up with!

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  2. Yep I’m in. I’ve got the perfect larger than life and converted model to paint. I think it might be the biggest so far in my painting hobby life! At least if I’m competing with myself I’ll always win… or is that lose?

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  3. I’m picking my brains trying to come up with something that fits in with this and with my current painting plans. So far I’ve drawn a blank but I suspect that’s a lack of imagination on my part – after all, how could I not join in with something called Awesome August? 🙂

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  4. Cool theme, though it does throw something of a wrench in the works for me.. I was going to continue the Nightvault box next month, but now I got to come up with something else. I’m not feeling like painting anything big right now, so I think I’ll have to convert that 40k skaven sniper to have at least a token submission.

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    • Dunno if it’s going to be any use, but September will be Squaddie September, which is basically the completion of units, teams, gangs, warbands and so on. Not that you should hold off on the Nightvault stuff, but if it drags out, or you have another Warband to do…

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