Zombicide: Green Horde – Hedges

Zombicide: Green Horde Hedges

I know that title sounds super-exciting, right? Basically, Wave 2 of my Zombicide Green Horde Kickstarter pledge finally arrived a week or so ago, and after having a look and poke around, I found that I’d ordered 2 sets of the 3D Plastic Hedges, as well as 2 sets of the 3D Plastic Obstacles.

Obviously, these will make games of Zombicide nicer looking (which I haven’t played in more than a year now – though to be fair we did play it weekly for a year or more). More obviously, these have a lot of potential use outside of the singular board game. Which even more completely obviously, is why I bought so many of the things.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Hedges

A Marine, Survivor and Reiksgard provide scale.

They looked pretty decent right out of the box – certainly good enough for boardgamers to enjoy. But that doesn’t cut it for us wargamers, so I sprayed them with a darker olive drab colour, then gave them a zenithal spray with a lighter green (both from my custom spray can collection). Marouda then told me that she didn’t think they were dark enough, so I decided to fix that with a dark wash. Since hitting 40 of these would use a bloody lot of wash (Athonian Camoshade, perhaps?) I decided to break out a couple of dropper bottles of my pre-mixed mediums and go the Les Bursley route of making my own – which is why I ended up posting Les’ tutorial here the other day.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Hedges

“Quantity has a quality all it’s own” – Uncle Joe (probably).

The first wash didn’t dry as dark as I would have liked, so I mixed up another, darker tone, and applied that to the lower-mid area of the hedges, and that seemed to do the job. Then a bright green drybrush, paint the rocks, dapple the rocks (I briefly considered the liquid greenstuff-dab technique to give them texture… but doing it on all those rocks across 40 hedges? – no thanks!

Zombicide: Green Horde - Hedges

There’s a decent amount of coverage with the hedges alone. Add in fences, buildings and scatter and there’s a good chunk of table sorted.

So then I gave them a dark wash, and called it a day after nixing the idea of another drybrush and then weathering powders. Again – commonsense. There’s 40 of these bloody things, and nobody is going to be staring too closely at the rocks on their bases.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Hedges

Enough to make a Hedge Maze, albeit a small one!

Gloss spray varnish, let cure for a day, then satin spray varnish – now they’re done! When you see me talk about a “significant” amount of scatter terrain as a project goal shortly, this is the sort of thing I envision. A couple of these isn’t much, but this many is a worthy task.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Hedges

Pretending to be the Bocage…

What I like is the fact that they can easily work across many genres and locales. Modern, Historical, 40k, urban, rural and well-maintained gardens. I can even see them being used for 15mm Bocage hedgerows as needed, since those Normandy hedgerows are huge!

19 thoughts on “Zombicide: Green Horde – Hedges

  1. Wait, so these are Zombie Hedges? Man, I’m not even sure how you would kill them….

    Just kidding! I think they look great, and it’s nice that you have a ton of them. Like you said, with some other terrain, and you could really fill up a table. Would look really nice next to some houses.

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    • A flamethrower. You’d kill them with fire.
      But yeah, they’re nice and will be handy as they’re so generic. I do also have some flocked hedges from the 1990’s, but these ones are easier in some ways, and I’m sure I could easily use both if I needed a ton of them. I probably need some rather generic 18th-21st century rural houses.

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    • Yeah. I know I should focus on one (or two opposed) forces for my WW2 stuff so I can actually get a game on, but it’s a little all over the shop right now. I don’t think I’ll be hitting my idealised 2018 target of two opposed 28mm WW2 forces, somehow…

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    • badoom-tish!
      Actually, “Hedging my bets – Zombicide green Horde Hedges” was going to be original title when I was thinking about the post while outside spraying the things.
      …but then I forgot. 😦

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  2. Those look great! I don’t even have any projects they’d be useful for right now, and I’m still a little disappointed they were a KS exclusive.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I guess it is! Not much use to them as they’re KS exclusive bits, but I love simple scatter terrain that’s easy to paint, looks good, and most importantly – is super flexible.
      Also a very effective way to bump up my monthly “painted models” total and get up to that all important annual 365+ 😉


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