Conan Kickstarter’s Black Dragons (June-It ’18)

Conan Kickstarter’s Black Dragons

A few more models from the Conan Kickstarter today. Black Dragons. These figures come as a set of 5. I just got the one set, but I could see the value in other people picking up two or four sets to use them as units in wargames or as villainous mooks in their own custom scenarios. I’ve painted them in a scheme influenced by the box art, but with a few more spot colours and metal shades added in, as they looked a bit too plain in all-iron. Huh, it seems like the little nodule that I thought was a forehead-gem is supposed to be a spike.

“Then a medley of voices reached his ears, and the room was thronged with the finally roused people of the court–knights, peers, ladies, men-at-arms, councillors–all babbling and shouting and getting in one another’s way. The Black Dragons were on hand, wild with rage, swearing and ruffling, with their hands on their hilts and foreign oaths in their teeth.”

Robert E. Howard – The Phoenix on the Sword

So it turns out that the Black Dragons are Conan’s bodyguards, and that their Captain, Pallantides is a stretch goal that I’m sure I’ll find inside the big box eventually.

Conan Kickstarter's Black Dragons

I picked these guys out a couple of months ago as they looked like they’d be an easy win – what with mostly being covered in armour. As it happened, they weren’t super hard to paint, but they also weren’t fun at all, either – so they took a bit longer. The small size, combined with loss of detail, ill-defined details and messiness in their lines due to the PVC made them pretty shitty models to be quite honest. They basically got finished due to this month’s challenge theme being enough to motivate me to get them done and out of the way. Hopefully Captain Palindrome will be a nicer, or more fun model to paint. Conan Kickstarter's Black Dragons, Wolves, Baal-Pteor, Demon of the Earth, Giant TIger

Here’s a shot of them alongside their Conan-Kickstarter brethren that I’ve painted. Ok, so I skipped the scatter-terrain barrels and only put out two of the Wolves. At this rate I’ll end up getting all of the add-on boxed models done before I crack open the core game and paint a Conan figure!