Realm of Chaos: Champion of Slaanesh (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge) (Jes Goodwin, 1988)

Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Jes Goodwin, 1988

My next model for Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge is this Chaos Champion of Slaanesh from the Slaves to Darkness releases of 1988. This particular model has been sitting around, somewhat part-painted for …I dunno. 15? 20 years? A hell of a long time. When I say part-painted, I mean I’d done a rougher vesion of the turquoise armour, and based it on a 25mm square base with green railroad flock. 3 or 4 years ago when I was doing some of my other old, unfinished chaos models I fished it out of the figure case and it’s been sititng on a tray on my painting desk ever since, with no real sense of urgency to work on since I didn’t really like the figure. After completing the Dwarf the other week, I asked Marouda to choose three figures for me to work on completing next. She chose this figure, no doubt because the various shades of Aqua and Turquoise are “my favourite colour” as well as another two – both of which are still WIP and one of which led to a block of 5 being worked on sort-of-together.

Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Jes Goodwin, 1988

I kept the aqua-turquoise armour, and went with a brass for the helmet, which had sat, primed white since I could never figure out what to do with it. The bondage glove and sock went from the dark purple that they were basecoated in to something with much more pronouced highlights, and the crest stayed in the original yellow, but with more emphasis on the highlights and shading. The corset and right bracer had enough in common with the right pauldron in terms of sculpting that they all got the same treatement – pearlescent red (which you cannot see in the photos at all) with a subtle red wash. The other metal accoutrements also got given the same brassy treatment as the helmet, as did the metal furniture of the weapon. Red gemstones and that was mostly that.

Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Jes Goodwin, 1988

The shield, naturally had to be one of the original plastics from the era of the sculpt. I went with one of the smaller “chaos” shaped shields in the end, as the main issue I have with a lot of them is that they end up covering a lot of the hard work you put into these lovely classic sculpts. I followed the same overall palette that I used on the rest of the model, with a freehand rune of Slaanesh that looks a little reminiscent of a dancing humanoid figure, due to the angles. I also gave the crescent on the end a bit of a crab-claw shape, as a nod to the daemonettes. Gloss varnish on the steed’s tongue for a nice, extra-slick look.

So thanks to Marouda’s choice (which admittedly was greeted with “that one??”) I have another model in that camp I rather like adding to – models I pretty much disliked, didn’t want to paint, and now have a real fondness for as finished pieces. Yeah, I’m happy with this one.

46 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos: Champion of Slaanesh (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge) (Jes Goodwin, 1988)

    • Thanks – that turquoise was/is certainly a relic of the old days when I started this model (I was still living with my parents when I started it!) so it’s been nice to get it done after so long.


  1. It’s nice to see those older, not so well loved figures, getting finished and then finding a small trace of appreciation in yourself for the finished figure. Makes it worth the effort. Good to see you back with us and getting back into a more settled rhythm 🙂

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    • Well put, mate. I’m tempted to try not to start anything new for as long as possible and just complete some of the dozens (hundreds?) of figures that I started but never completed. Don’t know if I’ll ever get them all done, but it’d be lovely to have a true tabula rasa one day!

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      • Yup – makes sense – whjatever will work best for you in terms of motivation really. I’m very keen right now (and have been for awhile) to get stuff finished rather than starting new stuff – that’s been one of my biggest problems – as soon as I finish, say, a goblin or a few goblins I tend to start another one or bunch of. Since I started painting again I’ve managed to hold off on that sort of thing and just complete instead of start. (with one sort-of exception of a model that fit in with an existing batch I’m working on completing).


  2. Marounda has excellent taste in miniatures. I only show something to my fiancee that is practically display level painting and she says it looks “nice” or “pretty good” in a very nonchalant manner. Not sure what it would take to impress her to be honest!

    As others have mentioned, the colors on this are great and really catch the eye. This mini reminds me of why I have a soft spot for Emperor’s Children. The bright colors look great on the battlefield 🙂

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    • That’s a hard one. I have found (through chance, really) that people who aren’t into the hobby are a LOT more appreciative when they see a side by side of a completed model with an unpainted one, especially a bare metal. Your fiancee obviously has seen plenty of unpainted models by now, so I can’t think of what would help the appreciation, except perhaps if she were to try painting some herself? 😀

      Emperor’s Children.. those are a real conundrum of “how to paint them?” It’s been far easier to just put them off for the longest time..

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      • That is an excellent point! If I can say this without sounding conceited (too late!), I think she might take it for granted how good I am at the hobby because she hasn’t seen anything else that is painted before. It doesn’t bother me too much as I know she means well 🙂

        I have a pretty good idea of how I would paint them if I ever get the opportunity. GW should have some pinkish purple colors that I can’t think of off the top of my head what their names and I figure if you use purple to shade the gold/bronze, you’ll be in business! I’m just waiting for GW to get their act together and create a new sculpt to get people interested in them again.

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      • Hahha makes sense. Maybe she needs to see more models that other people have painted as well so she can better moderate her opinions in a realistic way. The internet can certainly skew our own opinions on what’s good or average with the sheer numbers of amazing GD-tier painters sharing their work out there.
        I have the pinks and purples and violets – as well as some metallic variations on them that would also look good. I guess the real question comes from what variations to use – going with a real HH-era-ish scheme or going real garish as with the Noise Marines (and the Kakaphoni I’ve picked up overe time who will be extra variant NM)…


    • Cheers Roger. I like both types a lot to be honest, despite their differences. Kind of the way I really like the new Primaris Marine range but still hold a real fondness and appreciation for the old Rogue Trader-era (and pre-RT) metal marines as well. 🙂


  3. Gorgeous! Oldhammer miniatures are always an instant win I feel. Love the color combo here as well, and good choice on the smaller shield, and carrying the color theme across too.

    How does one get in on these challenges you do, I’d like in for next month if there is one!

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    • Thanks Paul! 🙂
      When I was running challenges (and when I get back to them) it’s just a matter of joining in and letting me know. I’m taking a break from running them at the moment, but th enxt one will just be posted up here on my blog a week or so before it begins.

      If you want in on the April challenge that this model is for, I’d just finish something you already own in the next week and then post it on your blog, and then go to the announcement post on Ann’s blog (linked above) and link your own model(s).

      Not sure if Ann (or someone else) is running a painting challenge next month at this stage. I’ll have to start poking around and see if I can find one!

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      • Awesome, thank you good sir! I’m finishing up some commission work right now, so I don’t think April will be a go for me, but definitely interested in future challenges. I’ll keep an eye out 🙂

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      • No worries. I’m planning on doing July, but won’t do anything before that until/unless I can sort out the backlog from last year’s uncompiled challenges first.


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  5. It’s funny, I used to think these models were ugly as could be. Well, they are still a bit ugly, but in a really cool, unique way. And your paints here, really do them justice. I’m glad Marouda was able to nudge you into finishing it! 🙂

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