April ’20: A few final Models, Personal Wrap-Up and Ann’s Paint the Crap You Already Own final.

So here’s the final wrap for my April, haivng returned to painting again. After taking my pics, I’ve realised that for the various criteria I’ve left some things out and included a couple of things that shouldn’t be there. However, I really don’t want to go out there and take more photos since it’s a bit of a chaotic nightmare of models, so I’m calling them good enough because I’m not dragging all that shit out again just for two or three photos…

Reiksgard Foot Knights 1995/6, Michael Perry

These two Empire models are from back when that force still had Reiksgard Foot Knights, and are from the 1995/6 Catalogue, sculpted by Michael Perry. I’d have given them their own post but I’m out of time for April and besides that, I found another one of this sculpt (and a couple of friends) aftyer finishing this pair, so once they’re all done I’ll give ’em a post of their own in a week or so when everything is done.

I also finished this pair of industrial pallets, from the 40k 3rd edition-era Battlefield Accessories set. These took years (like.. 13-15 years) to finish simply because I decided to paint industrial stipes on the edge, got halfway through one of the two (despite the yellow being finished on both), and thought “fuck that” – so they ended up sidelined, packed away, in tubs of half-painted stuff and so forth for years. Sometime ago they got spotted and ended up on the painting desk, and then after awhile (again, years maybe?) I saw them a week or so ago and just fucking finished them. In, like, way less than an hour. So…. yeah.

Then there’s the Slaaneshi Champion, who was on a different shelf and so missed out on being included in either my own Month’s wrap-up photo as well as Ann’s challenge photo, despite being the first figure I finished for that challenge this month. So well done, there.

And finally in terms of Ann’s Paint the Crap You Already Own challenge there are the first models of any sort that I completed for it. The Wizkids Cages. Which also missed out on the photo because they were put aside in a storage tub.

Oh, and then there’s the two models I painted for Ann’s March challenge, that were both finished at the start of April. These two aren’t part of Ann’s April challenge as they went in for March’s, but being completed at the start of April in that small window they should be in my own personal round-up for the month. But you know, they were on a shelf alongside the Chaos Champion above and so also missed the photo(s).

The problem with my compilation this month has basically been that I haven’t finished cleaning up the War Room, which is in a fucking state, and as I slowly burnt out last year without doing round-ups there are several of last years’ months worth of models scattered around on pretty much every available flat surface (including the space I usually use as my monthly staging area) that have to be 1) photographed and 2) put away somewhere, despite the room being such a fucking mess (and I’ve run out of shelf display space, in case that part wasn’t obvious..) So it’s like one of those puzzles where you need to move some pieces but have ot move some other pieces before you can move the pieces that you want and the pieces all need to go somewhere and….

Oh, does anyone know what this model is exactly? I’ve had it for many years, and it’s a VERY old Citadel model, it’s got a slotta at the bottom of it that was useless for info (and it’s been based now for ages, and I’m not prying it off to see if it says anything new). It looks similar in a lot of ways to one of the C28 Giant Demons by Nick Bibby from 1985 or so. I’d like to paint it, but before I start it’d be interesting to see what it was supposed to be and find out if that gives me any particular inspiration for it.

oh, that’s a 40mm base, as well. It’s quite large for a model of that era.

I’m not 100% sure if Ann (or anyone else) are running painting challenges this month (May) so I’m going to treat it as a personal “Neglected Models” month and try to keep on finishing more stuff that’s been sititng unloved and unfinished for months or years rather than starting new models (with only a few exceptions). If Ann or anyone else do run a challenge, I’ll just pivot as much stuff as I can/feel like that’s already neglected towards that theme. You can feel free to play along at home from your isolation bunkers as well, but I won’t be doing any wrap-ups or anything else like that. Well, not for awhile, but I do intend to run “Jewel of July” again this year. You have been warned!

35 thoughts on “April ’20: A few final Models, Personal Wrap-Up and Ann’s Paint the Crap You Already Own final.

  1. A lot of good stuff there 🙂 I’m way behind on reading and commenting on your posts, need to look back and get myself caught up. Jewel of July eh, I wonder – could this finally get me to finish that Chaos Knight I’ve had kicking around for the last six(?) years, or am I setting myself up for another failure? Watch this space! No idea on the identity of the muscular man so I’m going to be facetious and suggest Leman Russ.

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    • oooh.. Chaos Knight? Sounds sexy. No worries on being “behind”, I’m still catching up to dozens (seemingly) of your posts, not to mention so many others like IRO, KS, Mark, Alex and well… it goes on.
      Not sure what I’ll paint for July myself, but I want to clear as much as I can beforee then and then give myself a little reward for doing so….

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  2. That screaming naked dude is an alternate Nepharite of Muawijhe for the Dark Legion from the game Warzone, I belive 1st edition. It might have been released for 2nd ed as the first one is sculpted by Kev Adams, and this one is not.

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  3. That is quite a nice horde for April! I’ll definitely be participating in a Jewel for July this year when you do it. That will be good because I will take a month off from doing a painting challenge myself in July.

    As for next month, I was thinking of running a Monster (which would include machines such as tanks, planes, etc. and such, don’t want to leave our mechanized or historical friends out) that would run for 60 days (May – June) so as to give people a chance to do a larger project if they want. I’m thinking I might finally finish up Becky the Bloat Drone during this time, for my part, and also a pig demon of unknown lineage that a friend asked me to do for him so long ago that my friend forgot I still have the stupid thing.

    I’ll put up the new painting challenge later today.

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    • Thanks Ann! It’ll be good to finally see Becky completed in the coming weeks now. I’ll try and get a monster or tank or both or more onto the next Tray I start on. Gotta finish this one first, though – does the multi-part crashed Aquila lander terrain from the Battle of Macraggae count?

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      • Hmm … I think all of the parts together would though admittedly only barely. 🙂 Bonus points, alarming accolades, and Kaos Kudos if you can array them around a completed monster or tank!

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  4. I just love the pallets mate, so real and as for the Wizkids cages ,brilliant so well done !
    I’m taking advantage of the lockdown and that none of the new stuffs coming through to paint some long neglected sets !! but advice on clearing up I cant help you as I’m hopeless and it’s only when it becomes too much that I do a clean up !!AH AH !

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    • Thanks Pat – like you I’ve actually been enjoying the lack of new models over the lockdown. I even got the desk cleared. Still haven’t been back to cleaning the room, though…

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  5. Great to see you back in action and up to speed, I think that’s more models than I’ve finished this whole year! 🙂 Those pallets look really good, nice and even striping and lovely weathering.

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  6. I just wanted to second how cool the pallets look. Very Necromunda and very bad ass if I do say so myself! You knocked out a number of models that had been kicking around for a while which is seriously impressive in a single month. I rarely get one model done like that in a month but then again my backlog tends to be more like a “never return to pile” for me…

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    • Mine used to be the same, unfortunately over the years it balooned into something rather massive, and I’ve spent a lot of the last few years trying to clean it all up (but also continually adding to it)….

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      • I salute you for knocking as much of it out as you can! I fear there are several in mine that probably need to be stripped and started over or I need to find some miraculous inspiration to finish them…

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      • Maybe the way to prevent it from getting to the horrors that I face is to add in a few of the almost done or redos in with each batch of “fun” models you’re doing…


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