Lord of the Rings Return of the King: Strategy Battle Game – Scenery!

Rarely has so grand a title announced something quite so unexciting? So anyway… remember this from 2003?

LotR RotK SBG Box. FFS!

Well, only 11 and some change years later after buying them, I’ve finally painted the scenery that came with it. I started one statue and rubble pile last year, then found the second status and rubble pile, sprayed them, then let them all sit in their own (rubble) pile on the painting desk until a couple of weeks ago, when (as you’d be used to by now) I pulled out my finger and finished the former and painted the latter.

Lord of the Rings SBG Scenery

Rubble from RotK. You might remember it from that one scene in the film.

Actually, I’m pretty happy with how well they came out in the end. Some static flock, some tufts and a bit of weathering powders have given them a look I’m quite happy with over the bog-standard drybrushing.

Lord of the Rings SBG Scenery

LotR RotK SBG Statues

For the statues I ended up repainting the first one. I went for an aged, dirty and yellowed “white” stone. Just the kind of thing to make you think of fallen civilisations. I honestly wouldn’t mind getting hold of another of these sets at some stage soon. I think another of each of these pieces would go well with the ones I’ve (finally) finished here. Now I’m tempted to string some Ivy over these. Thanks, Dareios!

Lord of the Rings SBG Scenery, Rackham Confrontation Hill.

An exciting group shot of my recent completed scenery for scale. They all work pretty well together.