Star Wars Imperial Assault: Fenn Signis

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Fenn Signis

So I’ve finally gotten a second one of the player-character models from Imperial Assault completed. This one is the guy I’ve been playing, “Fenn Signis”. I’ve rebased him on a Sedition Wars tech base – I’m not going to do that for every figure, but for the Player Character models and some of the named heroes it seems fair enough. And it does fit Fenn quite well here.

Colours are simply based on the artwork for the character, so while it’s more brown than I’d normally go for, I’m trying to largely keep to the art in most cases here.

Speaking of “Fenn”, I of course recognised that the name was taken from/inspired by “Fenn Shysha“, a Mandalorian warrior from one of the old Marvel Star Wars comics. How did I know this? Because I was a huge Star Wars EU nerd? Not exactly. When I was a kid, I saw the comic that featured Fenn Shysha. This one:

Now if you were a kid. Actually, nevermind being a kid. Let’s just say that you saw this comic cover regardless of your age – who would you assume the main story is about from that cover art? Yeah, too bloody right. Imagine my disappointment when the cover art, lifted from a promotional still of The Man Himself has nothing to do with the character you’d expected.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Fenn Signis

Anyway, enough of my bitching. The main point here is that I’ve finally finished this guy, and now two of the three PCs have proper models. Just one to go – Pyrowave is playing as Jyn Odan (aka Girl Solo, and she’s not that far from being completed. We’ve got three missions to go in the initial campaign before we have to retire these characters, so fingers crossed I get Jyn completed before we have to retire these three in favour of a new trio of PCs!

20 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault: Fenn Signis

  1. Solid dude. I looked at the comic and laughed at #60. I dropped off that way before then, but I do have #1…seriously.

    You mentioned the Sedition base, is that another game? See all I missed leaving the hobby around 1992?

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    • I only ever had a few Star Wars comics. Like five or under. As a kid getting a comic set in some random part of a multi-issue story arc was never that engaging. A few years later when I got into comics properly (outside of self-contained stories, like Donald Duck, etc) I got myself some Issue #1s of other series. Web of Spider-Man, X-Factor, New Mutants, Punisher… stuff around that Era.

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      • Interesting. My comic collection started around 1970 and went to 1979 or so (when beer, music, and girls got much more interesting. Still have them all. Was more into DC than Marvel, mainly for the same challenge with 3 issue story arcs. Was not always possible to find the three. My favorites were Jack Kirby’s “Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth” and “OMAC – the One Man Army Corps”. Later discovered the Kirby Marvel stuff which of course was what made him famous with Stan Lee.


    • Sedition Wars was an early Kickstarter from CMON and Studio McVey – relatively recently in 2012 – It pretty much became a poster child for over-promising and under-delivering in Kickstarter, destroying McVey’s reputation in one fell swoop.

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  2. Dig the colors, nice job. Cool looking mini too. So wait a sec, by the time you finish the 3rd mini, you all will be using all new characters? That seems short lived. I’d want to play that cool looking character for awhile!

    Yea, the other bad trick with comics, was getting one of their best artists to do the cover and then a crap artist to do the interiors. This was really bad back in the pre-internet days, when comic shops would seal back issues, and charge outrageous amounts.

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    • Depends on when I manage to finish the third mini and how many scenarios we play when we catch up next week. The Jyn model isn’t capturing my enthusiasm, which doesn’t help at all as I instead end up working on Vikings and Nurgle models and such..
      I certainly know that comic trick – some of those early issues of Punisher immediately come to mind. Good covers, good stories, very sub-par artwork inside.

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      • I really liked issues 1-5 of the Punisher series (from the late 80s). Klaus Janson is a great inker, but also a decent penciller and I liked his beefy version of Punisher. I flipped through a bunch of the issues (, and looks like they had nearly everyone from Image have a go at Punisher at some point. Some of Portacio’s stuff wasn’t too bad. I stopped before I got to Jim Lee, but seems like a long time before he hopped on the book. I really liked that one Mignola cover. I can’t imagine him doing a whole book, but that cover was cool.


  3. “Reply” button disappeared from above, but this will hopefully make sense! You’re right, a keffiyeh was what I was thinking about! I’m mixing up me French Colonial troops, which is why I put chechia! Doh! I’ll treat that as a reminder to get reading up on my uniforms properly! Thanks for the info!


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