Star Saga: Tool Boxes and Tech Drawer Terminals

Star Saga: Tool Boxes and Tech Drawers Terminals Scatter Terrain

More Star Saga scatter terrain today. Like the doors and crates before, I’ve bumped these up in the painting queue to use in Imperial Assault. The little tool boxes I painted in three different overall shades using different washes, so three of each if I ever need some more differentiated boxes, but they can just as easily be used as the loot crates as the ones I finished recently. The other things are these weird terminal things that appear to have computer screens and drawers. I guess they could be storage for pretty much anything with type-in access. Whatever – doesn’t matter.

Star Saga: Tool Boxes and Tech Drawers Terminals Scatter Terrain Imperial Assault

The finish on these are a bit beaten up and a bit dirty, though not overly so. Trying to find that balance that fits into multiple locations in the worn Star Wars universe, basically.

IA has various red squares on the map that designate impassable terrain that also blocks line of sight. I thought these would work well for the “base/ship” style interiors to just 3-D the game up a little more. There’s also exterior ones that I’ll need to make something a bit more proper for, not to mention the interminable terminals that we need to use in every single mission. I’ll have to get started on some of those next.

13 thoughts on “Star Saga: Tool Boxes and Tech Drawer Terminals

    • Thanks Faust – all of the tool boxes were sprayed black, drybrushed like three shades of metallic, going more on the corners as they got lighter, then washed – one with Rust Wash, one with Oily Wash and the blue with Minitaire Ghost Tint “Plasma Fluid”.

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      • Oh, that’s a trip…so it really is “Minitaire” and not “miniature”, and it’s an airbrush paint by Badger? Have you tried any of the other colors? I see a 12-pack variety on Amazon, that might be nice.

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      • I got the big set of 84 when they were released in 2013. Of course, my airbrushing “Experiment” ended in abject failure, so now I’ve got a whole lot of them that are just sitting around waiting for the next attempt at learning to airbrush. Probably would have been last summer, but… well… so probably this coming summer. I bought a few airbrushes to try to learn with from eBay as well recently.

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      • Did you get the knockoff airbrushes? I’ve heard that they are just about as good, without blowing a ton of money. Though the compressor still costs ya, but you probably already have that. Are you going to be painting or priming with your airbrush?


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