Star Saga: Large Doors

Star Saga: Large Doors

Another post featuring some not-especially-exciting content today. We have the four large doors from Mantic’s Star Saga game, which I picked up on the cheap (50% off) not too long ago. It’s supposed to be a decent little game, actually, though we’re playing Imperial Assault right now, so it’ll have to wait for a place in the queue.

Star Saga: Large Doors

Imperial Assault being the actual reason I started on these. Simply to replace the card standees in our games with something a little more substantial and a little nicer – and they look quite Star-Wars-y, too! As I painted them with Star Wars in mind, I went for grey on all four, since grey and white are the two colours that we typically see in Star Wars Architecture. The only colour being some of the buttons, and a touch of brown in the weathering.

Star Saga: Large Doors

Banging on the exterior door – who could it be, now?

I did vary them a little bit by making the rounded-edge doors a bit cleaner – as interior doors, and the more angular set more weathered – as external doors. Pretty simple stuff, but just a little touch. I also started on the six smaller doors, but haven’t yet finished them, as the focus last week was to get these four done and so ready for gameplay.

That’s it for my July models now. If everything goes to plan, I’ll have my personal round-up tomorrow, and then the Community Round-Up will go up on Sunday (my time). Get those last-minute posts and links to me for Jewel of July up ASAP!

15 thoughts on “Star Saga: Large Doors

  1. Look they’re no tiger or Vikings but they’re bloody good doors.

    What do you say to a depressed door? You need to open up more.

    A mad door is unhinged.

    I actually had a vice principal called Mr Door. No punchline, I actually did haha.

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  2. Ah, well painted scenery. The unsung heroes the wargaming and boardgaming world. Those are very nice doors and will definatly add to any games they are used in. Great job.

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    • A good description! These are the first sci-fi doors I’ve actually painted. I should do some more and then just have them ready to go. I’ve got a bunch of the Sedition Wars ones somewhere as well…


    • Well said, Alexis. Entirely the point here. Shame I didn’t get the others done in time, as it would have made more sense to show them all at once, but I need(ed) to delineate stuff done in July from August.


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  4. Interesting, are the walker and the doors different shades of grey? Yea, I think you nailed it with the colors. I would think they were Star Wars doors, with your color scheme. Would love to hear what you think of Star Saga vs Imperial someday. I haven’t played either, but I keep wanting to like Mantic Games. Speaking of which, how’s the plastic for the doors, seems ok?

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    • Somewhat. Some of the grey paints used are the same, while others are different, as is the weathering – though the weathering is a little different between the two door types here as well. These doors are nice hard plastic, unlike the often-warped PVC that Mantic use for so, so much of their stuff.
      I’ll probably write up Star Saga vs IA when (if) I ever get around to playing it, but I’ll probably go down Shadespire and Warhammer Quest (and even Shadows of Brimstone) before I get to Star Saga…

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