Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem (Neglected Model May ’18)

Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem

This rather attractive figure is a Reaper Bones model that has been clogging up my desk for some time now. I’ve also seen it called “Obese Flesh Golem”, though I’m not sure if that’s ever been an official alternate title, since Reaper has a few figures that are just listed as “Flesh Golem”. I’ve got the other Bones figure as well, so perhaps I should also dig that one up to replace this guy on the paint desk. I picked this guy up as part of Reaper’s Bones III “Stoneskull” expansion.

Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem

Rather obviously, I’ve gone for a yellow/ochre base to this guy’s flesh tones. Both because I like to vary my zombie-skin and also as a bit of a test run for a batch of my future plastic plaguebearers. I was tempted to paint sections of him in completely different skin tones, but going too patchwork runs the risk of making the figure look ridiculous. Also, I just wanted to finish the damned thing.

Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem

A Celestial Lion Space Marine provides scale.

As far as gaming goes, this guy has a pretty wide set of potential uses. Obviously fantasy role-playing, but also the Undead army for Kings of War, and I’ve also got plans to put him to work in a Renegades and Heretics army for 40k. (Nurgle, natch!) Hell, he can potentially be an Abomination when we get back to Zombicide – especially Black Plague as he’s very much a reainimated kind of chappie.

18 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem (Neglected Model May ’18)

  1. Looks suitably gross. Papa Nurgle approves 🙂 Nice paint job there sir. I just recently picked up a bunch of the Bones miniatures, mostly because they’re cheap enough for me to by something on a whim because it ‘looks cool’. Great stuff.

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  2. I like the yellow/ochre base to the skin tone. Makes it look sort of like some of the subcutaneous fat is showing or liquifying and leaking through or something.

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  3. Nice paints and nice looking mini. He looks a brute.

    They have Flesh Golems on the Necromunda team too. These look more Ogre-sized though. But who knows, maybe I’ll pick some up.

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    • Yeah, this guy is safely ogre-sized.
      I admit, I haven’t even looked inside any of the new Gang War supplements. I expect that there’ll be a proper compendium at the end of the year, which may or may not have actually been properly proofread for inconsistencies by then. Forgeworld makes GW look like a bastion of clarity when it comes to rules, unfortunately.

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      • Yea, they’ve had some troubles with earlier writers it sounds like. As newer stuff comes out, it appears to be getting better though. Both for Blood Bowl and Necromunda.

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      • I think the problem is more with editing and proofreading.
        That and clarity of intent and using consistent terminology rather than words that are pretty much interchangeable in normal conversation but can have subtly different meanings – which is important in a rulebook.
        Which again is where the editing and proofing comes in. (I do a lot of both several times a year for work, and you have to be a hardarse about it).

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