Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #13: Malifaux Killjoy (Metal Version) as Herald of Nurgle

OK, no pretence here – I picked this model up a few years ago both because it looked like a cool model, and like something that would drop perfectly nicely in with my Nurgle forces. I know that Malifaux is supposed to be a rather excellent skirmish game, but I’ve already got a ton of games I’m not actively playing, so I’m not about to dive down that particular rabbit hole right now.

I figure that this guy fits perfectly well in a Daemonic Nurgle force for either 40k or AoS as a Herald. I’m pretty happy with how well this model turned out. It’s a great sculpt, and I guess that’s the thing that really inspires taking it that bit further. Could I have converted him slightly by sticking a monohorn on top of his head. Sure. Does he need it? I don’t think he does. He’s more of a small Great Unclean One than a large Plague Bearer.

Beyond the use as a Herald in the Warhammer games, he also fits well into the Kings of War Undead army as a Flesh Golem or some such using the Undead Troll stats, or could optionally drop into a Renegades and Heretics 40k force alongside the Bones Flesh Golem as a Renegade Marauder Brute. Along with that, there’s obviously the D&D-ish role-playing options along with potential use as a Zombicide Abomination. Quite a cool model with a lot of versatility.

15 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #13: Malifaux Killjoy (Metal Version) as Herald of Nurgle

  1. Excellent skin tones, wound coloration and overall feel of pestilence. The transitions between colours on the skin is well executed. The only suggestion I have is to make the eyes a bit brighter. At the moment the OSL does not look convincing to me, but it could be as simple as adding a very light highlight to the eyes.

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    • Thanks! I guess the thing to remember is that the photographs show the model blown up to *much* bigger than actual size. Killjoy’s beady little eyes are actually smaller than those on most 28mm models as he’s a bit of a pinhead. I’ll take a look anyway, but we’re talking really tiny.


  2. Well, I’ve never painted a Nurgle, and you all make it look so deceptively easy. It’s making me look forward to GW’s next Nurgle Blood Bowl team, just so I can give it a try. I’m sure mine won’t look half as cool, but worth a go.

    Also looking forward to your next big Nurgle group shot. There has to be a lot of minis in there now! Are you getting close to finishing out your Nurgle army?

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    • This guy started off a dull, pale khaki green colour, but having fun by first highlighting it via a careful drybrush, then adding in some Bugman’s Glow to his gut, moobs, elbows and shoulders, then just diping in and out with thin washes of brown, super-thinned-to-a-wash purple paint and so forth.
      You can really have a lot of fun experimenting with the Nurgley stuff, so they’re good models to learn and practice on – and you can then take those techniques to other models that aren’t as “loose” with their colours as the Nurgle stuff.
      Not that much has been added to the Nurgle force since the last group shot really. Just a few individual models like these golems and Sammy the Snail.
      I’ve actually got some more Nurgle models on the desk right now. I might get three of them done this month at the rate I’m going, but I’ve got around 8(?) metal Nurgle models (aside from Nurglings) left before it’s all resin (which there’s a decent amount of) and plastic (lots!)
      I should have assembled the metals last month for the challenge!

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