WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer: TG9680 (Neglected Model May ’18)

WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer: TG9680, Heartbreaker Hobbies

This model is a bit of a blast from the past, and truth be told, he got plucked out of a case where he’s sat for years now as he was an easy-done model to re-complete. That way I pad out my Neglected Models and also have something to post up today and also actually get an older model up to scratch for 2018. As you’ve read in the header, it’s a WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer model, and one that is still available from Prince August for anyone who is interested in collecting the old 1st edition WarZone models.

WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer: TG9680, Heartbreaker Hobbies

The colour scheme is a bit …lurid by my standards of today, but it falls under the “don’t fuck with the original paint too much” category. The gun is just completely ridiculous by any standard, so my choice at the time to paint it an odd shade of purple that makes it look like an inflatable toy was actually me taking the piss out of it a little without going quite so far as painting it a bright day-glo orange or lurid green. If I were doing it today, I might paint the ..power cells? plasma coils? whateverthefuck those things inside the “barrel” area are. Still, as I said, I’m not willing to screw with them today. Much like The Goonies, they’re good enough for me.

WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer: TG9680, Heartbreaker Hobbies

Speaking of lurid green. You see those cables/pipes on the weapon’s underside in a dark copper? Yeah. Those were lurid green. The sort you achieve by using old-GW Bilious Green then glazing it with old-school green GW ink. In some ways my painting back then was perfectly fine, and in other ways my choices of colour composition… it seems like I felt some need to use ALL of the colours on almost every model. I don’t know what I was thinking with that, to be honest. Anyway, now they’re repainted, fit with the figure much more effectively and are much less loud.

WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer: TG9680, Heartbreaker Hobbies

Something that I think is much less terrible than the previously-green cables, and the slightly-dodgy giant purple inflatable gun is the freehand icon on his cloak and the edging on both the same cloak as well as the red edging found on his red robes. I still think they’re pretty solid. If a bit loud. As for uses for this model. Um… if I ever play WarZone 1st or 2nd edition ever again. Maybe something from the good old Renegades and Heretics list for 40k?

It’s been super busy with work an ting this week, so I’ll be able to do comments (probably) on Thursday. Writing this post up and taking the photos has been all the blogging time I’ve had spare today, aside from reading others’ posts during breakfast. See you tomorrow (hopefully) with another (Warzone) model that I’ll (hopefully) be able to restore in the small window of time after work but before I need to head to bed!


33 thoughts on “WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer: TG9680 (Neglected Model May ’18)

  1. The old Warzone always felt fascinating to me for several reasons: Its premise and much of the world and artwork were fantastic. Some of the models were, too — especially the starter box plastics. But there were so many different sculptors with wildly different styles that the catalogue never really came together, and brilliant models stood right next to incredibly weird, poorly proportioned or plain terrible pieces. The guy you have here seems to come down squarely in the middle: The model itself is quite alright, while the gun suffers from the hallmark Warzone weirdness. Even so, I think you’ve done an excellent job, painting wise, matching the style of the game from back in the day. Very nice! 🙂

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    • Yeah, I’ve still got a whole bunch of those Plastics. I turned a few of the Imperial Trencherss into Imperial Guard, and they were reasonably in scale with the GW models. Far close to the GW ones than their own ranges in fact. I’ve got a solid collection of the second edition metals that I’ve kept over the many years. Not so much to make an actual army since we’re generally talking about 10-20 of the different types, but enough of each type to make some excellent IG/Stormtroopers/Inquisitorial Stormtroopers/Rogue Trader troops down the line when I get to them.
      The first edition stuff ranges incredibly wildly as you say – from pretty nice to some of the worst sci-fi figures I’ve ever seen.


  2. Now that’s a gun! If you’re going to weld a weapon that outrageous it might as well be an outrageous colour too right? I know what you mean about finding old models and wondering what you were thinking with the colour choices – I know I too used to go for lots of loud contrasting colours. I think I may have believed it would help them “pop” although “explode” would probably be a better word. Anyway good work with him, he’s still suitably over the top, as befits the model, but not so much as to be hard on the eyesight 🙂

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    • Ha! Yeah. In fact after reading your comment I’d do a paisley pattern on the thing for complete outrageousness. Well, if I cared enough about this model, anyway – but maybe I can paisley something else instead down the line.
      That’s one thing that the old models need to go through before they’re certified ready to be let out of the cases in the modern era. Models which are exploding with garish colours need to be toned down to an acceptable level. 🙂

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    • Thanks! I don’t think I ever got around to actually using this guy in a game of WarZone, sadly!
      I’ve got some of my old Cybertronic guys I’ve been thinking of updating for this month’s Neglected Model theme.


  3. That’s funny that you came down on this model so much. I’ve been looking forward to reading about him for two days! I was still catching up on old blog posts, and saved “dessert” for last.

    I guess it depends on how familiar you are with GW stuff, for me it’s mostly “new and cool” when I see minis like this. Granted when I first saw GW minis (and painted similarly), I thought “yuck!”. But about 20 years later and I’m looking at all that stuff I missed.

    The paints are loud, but I think they work together pretty well. It helps that your technique is solid. I’m guessing that’s a new base as well? Given that Cawdor was recently announced as the new Necro gang, I imagine this guy could find some use.

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    • Well, it’s a fun model (kinda) but also pretty ridiculous. if it wasn’t for the silly gun, I don’t think I’d be nearly as negative about the model. The paints are still louder than I’d (usually) do these days, but they’re still acceptable – and I’m happy with the patterning. That gun though – sheesh!
      Cawdor… man, I really should update and finish off my Cawdor. This guy will go nowhere near them, though unless they’re turning him into a swiss cheese fondue.
      My Cawdor are models I feel still hold up really bloody well today. All they need is some new N18 bases and they’re good to go and be shown off. Well, the ones that are painted are, anyway…

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  4. Wow. I think that gun might be bigger than the dude carrying it!

    The only things I ever got carried away with like that were my Noise Marines, but some of them were seriously eye-searing. He looks good as is, but with Bilious Green added, that must have been pretty intense. The free-hand work is particularly impressive.

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    • Yeah, it’s preeeeety silly. I haven’t properly decided about how I’ll do my Slaaneshi Marines. Keep them purple and gold like the Legion’s colours? Go for pink and black like the Hart Foundation? I’ll probably avoid the explosion in a paint factory look that I went with back in the 1990’s, though!


      • My current approach to my Noise Marines is doing one Unit each in blue, red, and purple, with gold trim tying all three together. I’ve already got my Daemonettes done up (well, as many of them as I have done at all) similarly, so it ties the Daemon and CSM halves of my Slaanesh collection together nicely.

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        • That’s a lot more productive than I’ve been. My own current approach is the on I’ve been using for many years now. They sit in a box while I paint other models while occasionally thinking about painting them. I think your method is better.
          Still, Nurgle was in the same position until December, and now I’m working my way through those, so it can’t be that long before I get to the other three Ruinous Powers, can it?


        • Do note that when I say “current approach”, it’s largely theoretical. That said, I have committed to running Slaanesh in an event this summer, so some actual work is going to happen, at least to three colour minimum.

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