Rogue Trader: Coming “Late 2018”

Something very much for the Blanche fans and the INQ28 Fans and the Nurgle Fans. We’ll see how much it’s for the old-school Rogue Trader fans as more comes to light.

It appears to be a separate product from Kill Team, which is also a 40k Skirmish game. I wonder if they will be completely unique, or if they will have rules in common?


Painting Reaper’s Bones Goremaw – Looking for Feedback.

I’m kinda stuck on Goremaw here. After seeing Dave Kay’s painted up as part of Painting Decembruary, I decided to get mine prepped for painting by getting it assembled, then “priming” it in watered down Liquid Greenstuff to cut down on the horrible, sticky, tacky reaction that Bones PVC seems to have with model paints as well as spray primers. So now that’s finally done. Then there’s working out what to do with it – using the stats for the Forge World Dread Maw in Age of Sigmar and perhaps the Spined Chaos Beast for 40k seem reasonable.

As well painted as the official Spined Chaos Beast is in the above photograph, it’s a pretty awful model, so I have no particular desire to purchase one or track one down. So Goremaw will fit that nicely enough. So we’ve got the use and stats sorted, but how to paint? I’ve already done Purple Worms. I’m very happy with them but don’t wish to revisit that scheme with Goremaw.

I could go Nurgle-themed, which would be green carapace with yellowish-ochre underbelly and purplish-red mouth. Broadly similar to the Shadows of Brimstone Burrower. Also has the benefit of looking somewhat naturalistic. Maybe.

Khorne? Deep red or orangey-red, again with a yellowish-ochre underbelly and either crimson or purplish-red mouth. Also quite a “dragon-y” look. I guess the green one could also say that to an extent. Maybe.

Tzeentchian? Blues.. nah. Too close to the purple that I already want to avoid. Slanneshi? Some sort of pastel look? Pink? Nah.

“Undivided” so I can run it in any/multiple force? Black on the carapace and fleshy underside somewhat like my (still unfinished) version of Be’Lakor?

I think either black/flesh for Undivided, or green/ochre for Nurgle or red/ochre for Khorne. But I’m still not sure. Anyone else have any thoughts or arguments for any of those three? Any way-out ideas? (be warned, I’ll probably disregard most of those, but I am open to ideas) if so, please do leave a comment, though be aware, it’s not a poll!