Meet Dave (the Evil Overlord)!

Khorne Hellbrute/Dreadnought – built by Dave, painted by Azazel.

Regular readers will remember that awhile back I painted a Khornate Dreadnought (Hellbrute) for an old friend called Dave.

Ku’gath Plaguefather by Dave

Well, I finally managed to track him down recently, and while he’s not a blogger, he is still converting, kitbashing and modelling and has a home over on Deviant Art, under the name “Davidtheeviloverlord“.

Obliterator by Dave

Nurgle Vindicator by Dave

I thought I’d throw Dave an internet shout-out and share some of his work here with a pointer to his pages. Here are a couple of his creations.

Mangler Squig by Dave

To see a lot more of Dave’s work, head over to his DeviantArt!

10 thoughts on “Meet Dave (the Evil Overlord)!

  1. Great conversions. Really like the “Obliterator” and “Mangler Squig” models. The yellow with black eyes on the Squig is really nice. It’s interesting that his stuff is from GW models, but they have a more SciFi feeling to me. I don’t know if it’s because of different paint schemes or his customizations, but I feel like if you put his stuff beside what you typically see in White Dwarf, that his models would really stand out. Not sure if what I said makes any sense, but I mean that in a good way!

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    • No it makes sense. Dave really goes to town with his conversions and kitbashes, and he’s (still, clearly!) got a good eye for what parts can be used in other places and for completely different things. He informed me that the squig is made from the back end of the Arachnarok spider, so it’s pretty huge!

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