Assembly April: Monthly Hobby Challenge

Diorama created by Michal Tafil. More of his work can be found at

Something a bit different this next month for anyone who cares about these things. Not actually a painting challenge this time – the “theme” of April’s hobby challenge is to build or assemble something. For quite a few of you, this is like second nature, for others (aka me) it’s something I rarely get around to doing much of, since I seem to always be trying to finish off the painting of older models, painting one-piece casts, or working on models that have very little assembly/creativity to them, like building a few Space Marines.

Photo from I would have linked to their article, but my browser says "site not secure", so...

Here are some examples:

  • Build a large kit that’s been sitting around, taking up space for ages. That Dreamforge Leviathan, that Baneblade, that Big Bertha, that Promethium Refinery. (Yep, scenery/terrain is fine!)
  • Kitbash or convert a larger model for an army centrepiece or your mantelpiece.
  • Copy I mean be inspired by another hobbyist’s work and create your own version of something you’ve seen online.
  • Kitbash a cool trooper, or hero, or commander.
  • Finally crack open that Start Collecting!/game-with-models/boxed set/ancient blister pack/zip-lock baggie from eBay that has been sitting around forever and assemble (at least some of) the stuff inside.
  • Create a diorama. (Obviously doesn’t need to have all the painting completed or be fully assembled!)

Too many boxed kits. Possibly.

For those of you for which assembling or kitbashing stuff is second nature and also have some time off for Easter that’s not already pre-filled with commitments, you might want to consider a stretch from what you usually do. Or not. Just a thought. 😉

As always, the open and flexible nature of this thing is designed to fit in with a lot of people might be doing or thinking about anyway – and just give that extra boost of motivation.


I hope to build at least one “inspired by” figure as a hero for one of my armies and also assemble something of decent/centrepiece size that’s either made of resin or plastic that’s been sitting around here for long enough to become annoying. Ideally one each of both resin and plastic, but you know how it goes. But yeah, I’ll personally be happy if I get 2-3 builds done. It’s not supposed to be a chore, after all!

Upcoming Challenges: 

May will be completing Neglected Models again.

June will be finishing Squads/Units again.

July will be paint a centrepiece/cool big thing. Maybe the thing that you assemble in April? 😉

45 thoughts on “Assembly April: Monthly Hobby Challenge

  1. It’s a great idea mate, and God knows I could do with sorting out some of the many many boxes I have tucked away… Time will be an issue in April so I make no promises, but we’ll see how it goes 😉

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  2. Is April’s challenge a ‘start to finish’ challenge or one of the ‘just get it done’ ones? I’ve got one that I started, that could see the ‘light of day’ by end of April, if I bump it up in my queue. Actually, there might be two, now that I think of it.

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    • It’s whatever you need it to be. I’m personally going to try to “start to finish” a couple of things, but there’s nothing to say that I won’t finally find all of the pieces to, say, my mounted Archaon and finally assemble the bastard!

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      • Yeeeeeah. I probably don’t have that much patience for stuff which I don’t particularly need and isn’t that much different to what I already have to paint. If I were building a Brettonian army or something and needed a reliquary it might be different.

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    • It’s definitely something that you of all people have down pat.
      I’ve got some stuff prepped that just needs to actually *be* built. Besides that I’d like to build something large and cool and a bit more complex than the norm!
      I’m going to love to see the sort of thing that *you’re* able to come up with!

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      • There are actually THREE things that would really be ideal for this challenge, although two of them would require some fairly special base models, and they’re not even available on their own. The third project already exists as a pile of bitz, so maybe I should tackle that one first 😉

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      • Sounds intriguing. Base models that are unavailable on their own makes me think of the various boxes sets, though most of those get split off as the Triumvitaes and heroes do… unless we’re talking Shadespire “teams” or AoS/40k starter box models?
        If one exists as a pile of bitz, I’d definitely go for that one first. I’ve got a small bag of bitz already to go, and a larger bag also ready to go. They’ll probably be the way I ease into this before trying to build something large and substantial…


  3. Like many (most?) here, I have a huge pile of kits, which apparently doesn’t stop me from adding to said pile all the time. Hobby time has slowed down quite a bit lately with the new job, but I’ll definitely be on board to do some assembly in April. I recently bought a FW Space Marine Tarantula, so I’ll probably start off with that, which should be a pretty easy job. Not sure what I’ll assemble after that, but there are certainly no shortage of models. Perhaps I’ll go for quantity, or perhaps I’ll tackle one of the more complex kits I have and make that my April project.

    As always, thank you for doing the challenges; I enjoy them.

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    • Most welcome, Ann. More motivation is always good!
      As you say, there’s also no shortage of kits around here, so I’m hoping to finally glue together a few smaller models and at least one larger, more substantial kit.

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    • You did gangbusters on the Squad challenge Mark. For this one (and indeed any of these) just see what you have that fits in with what you’d like to get done anyway and use it for a bit of extra oomph!

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  5. Building models really isn’t something I need more encouragement to do normally, but there is one I’ve been struggling with a little, he needs some disassembling before the real assembling can begin and that’s been a sticking point for me. Bear with me – I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

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