Cthulhu: Death May Die – Sergeant Mario Braghieri & Lord Adam Benchley

Cthulhu: Death May Die Miniatures - Sergeant Mario Braghieri & Lord Adam Benchley, Cthulhu Investigators

Today for the final post of March’s models, we have a pair of player character models from the Board Game Cthulhu: Death May Die. Sergeant Mario Braghieri & Lord Adam Benchley. “The Plan” was to get at least two models from this game painted every month, so naturally I started with two in the first month, and then only managed a single model in the second – which in this case was Sgt.Braghieri. I just completed the model I started alongside him – Lord Benchley on the weekend – and so into April.

Cthulhu: Death May Die Miniatures - Sergeant Mario Braghieri & Lord Adam Benchley, Cthulhu Investigators

Both of these models are pretty straightforward, and I did my best to copy the colour schemes of their artwork. These models are actually pretty pleasant to paint for the most part, being just “people in clothes” without being overly-laden with detail or extra elements. I’m hoping to get a couple of bonus investigators painted in April beyond just two as a bit of a catch-up and a kind of pallete cleanser from some of the other stuff I’m working on.

Anyway, see you in a couple of days for the monthly Round-Up!

26 thoughts on “Cthulhu: Death May Die – Sergeant Mario Braghieri & Lord Adam Benchley

    • Thanks mate – usually I feel like the camera makes my models look worse than they do in hand, so if that’s still consistent then my doubling down on cloth work is …erm, working. 😮

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  1. These came out really well as usual, mate. I like seeing these more mundane miniatures as they always look realistic when you’re dong with them. Its also amazing to compare these sculpts to the original Zombicide ones. CMON has really improved their miniature quality over the years!

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    • Thanks Mate – they’re still not truly “realistic” as they would be less clean & bright and way more muted & “dirty” with blacks and dark greys as the shading. My models tend to be a bit more “person looking clean & bright with studio lighting” as opposed to “person looking realistic as though you were seeing them on the street”.
      CMON has certainly come a long way with their models. A new Zombicide campaign has just started on KS as well, now…

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  2. We agree with the previous comments about the quality of how you painted the clothes. The sergeant is very close to the artwork: an excellent result. That there is a character of Italian origin among the good guys in a game inspired by the world of Lovecraft surprises us a bit. If it is historically accurate to find Italian-American policemen in the USA at the beginning of the last century, in stories such as “The Horror at Red Hook” the protagonist is an Irish policeman, while the Italians are among the sordid immigrants who worship evil cults…

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  3. Top work on both of these, you’ve got them looking really good. I like your idea of trying to paint two each month, that’s a good way to work your way through the whole set without making it too big of a burden. In fact, and I may regret saying this because life/work is super busy right now and all that, but how’s about a little friendly challenge? As I think I mentioned before I also have a copy of this game waiting to be painted and given that these are, as you rightly say “just people in clothes”, I reckon I might be able to fit in painting a couple each month too (or at least I can try, and if you don’t try you can’t fail spectacularly right?). So hows about it; if you’re going to paint two of these per month then so shall I! (Usual lack of rules apply; the aim is to finish models and encourage each other).

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    • Thanks Wudu! I’m certainly down for that! If one of us runs out of investigators too quickly, there’s always a solid supply of cultists and Eldritch Horrors to follow on with, right?
      I’ve definitely found these models to be a kind of relaxing “something different” even moreso than their Zombicide equivalents as these ones aren’t laden down with twin katanas and an assault rifle and a flak vest – so they have been painting up really pretty quickly and easily when I’ve found the time to work on them. Hopefully you find them to be the same. 🙂

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